Jun 10, 2019

Marrakech, Morocco

Sad as it was to leave Seville, we had a new adventure ahead. We flew to Lisbon where we had a three hour layover which we enjoyed in the business class lounge.  With the new credit cards we got last year, between us, we get 12 lounge visits worldwide, annually . So even if we aren’t traveling business class we can still enjoy our longer layovers. It was great as we never paid for food all day plus we were able to squirrel away enough water in our carry bags to get through our first night in Morocco. I booked the flight last August and we only paid $56.00USD/$76.00CAD each.  A great deal. The flights were one hour and one hour and twenty minutes respectively.  We were served cheese, cut up apple with nuts and raisins on the one and a chicken wrap sandwich with cheese and crackers on the other. Amazing that for that low airfare we were served a meal.  Our Canadian airlines have lost the art of customer service.

Small plane from Seville to Lisbon.

Seville to Lisbon. Colin had no place to put his new cork hat so I wore it. I am actually reading and relaxing here.

Lisbon business lounge. Working on the blog.

We had some great views flying into Lisbon but were aisle and middle seat flying into Marrakech so saw nothing. Colin liked the look of our lunch box, artsy guitar.

This was inside that box but it was a chicken & spinach wrap sandwich which we could not eat. The fellow next to us was from NYC and was happy to take our wraps.  They even served free wine to those who wanted it along with other choices of beverage.  TAP gives a great service.

My grin is about actually being in North Africa.  This is our third country this trip.

We were met at the airport by our Airbnb host who had kindly offered to pick us up.  Good thing as we would still be trying to find our way down the streets of the Medina to his Riad. Click here for the link and photos of this amazing place. Don’t just look at our photos below, there is so much to see in this special place. We still can’t believe that we are here, never mind staying in this extravagant apartment.  I love all the colors as well as the colored glass and the lighting in this unique home.  Colin is just itching to have his proper photography equipment with him.  This place should be documented in a b0ok or a museum.

On the drive from the airport.

Once we toured our place which is beyond incredible, we were invited to our host’s private half of the Riad where he treated us to fresh squeezed orange juice, figs with stems on them and the freshest walnuts we have ever tasted. We chatted for a long while. Eventually we headed back to our apartment and unpacked and got ourselves set up. Each apartment is different and this one more so. It has so much colour plus a very interesting layout. The air conditioning is only needed for a small part of the day because the design of the apartment allows good air circulation. There is only one sink for both the bathroom and kitchen and we are able to adjust to that. The main bed has a wall on three sides  but there are two other places to sleep so we are sleeping in two areas, easier for both of us. As well as the A/C,  we have a mini fridge, a stove top, a microwave and a TV complete with CNN should we choose to watch.

Waiting for our host in his garden while he was in the kitchen.

The entrance to our private apartment.

From the top of our stairs looking down. Love the tile.

Our foyer.  The kitchen is through the beaded curtain on the right.

Taken from our hosts Airbnb listing.  We didn’t take all the photos before we spread our things out.

Those stairs to the left lead up to a wonderful rooftop terrace with a panoramic view.  The bathroom with a great rain shower is behind the door under the stairs. You can see here how the bed is surrounded by three walls. By the way it is a very comfy bed. I see now that the carpets have been replaced with older and more valuable carpets.  Our host is always upgrading his Riad.

A very spacious area.

Already working on the blog.

As you all know I don’t do well with stairs but Colin went up. I was being extra cautious as I did not want to fall like I did last year in Rome and end up in the hospital.

This is the first level of the terrace.

The view.

Looking down into the inner courtyard.

Once unpacked we just headed out into the streets. The only thing to watch for are the scooters which appear to have the right of way and stop for no one. It is the only way to get through these narrrow labyrinth streets.  We had spotted a vegetarian restaurant nearby as our host drove here. By the way he parks his van in the last parking lot closest to the Medina.

Where we had out meal.  Yes I am as tired as I looked.

Can you see us in the mirror?  So many interesting choices for our meal.

The penne was to come with spinach, zucchini, olive oil, basil and other fresh herbs. However it came with many more veggies and even some crushed nuts.  Best penne ever.  The owner is Moroccan born in Australia and has had restaurants in NYC, LA and has three here as well.  Colin stuck with fresh orange juice and I with the water.

We sat and watched pedestrians dodge traffic that included all types of transport including horses and donkeys.  It was fascinating. Instead of a planned itinerary we are going to simply wing it. No set site seeing stops that are deemed necessary. We are simply going to walk and see what we see.  We have seen enough palaces, mosques, etc. The next three full days ( we had planned four nights here ) will bring what they bring.  Our host has offered to take us on a city tour or out of the city to a particularly beautiful area  but after sleeping on it we have decided to just feel the magic of this unique environment.

We have fallen in love with yet another distinct city.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Love all the colours,
    I’d be tempted to take some of that material home to make cushions with.

  2. Peter Kouwenhoven says:

    What a riot of colour! Your home in town looks amazing. You are on a wonderful journey and my bucket list is growing again… Great pictures as usual.

  3. Dolores says:

    That place virtually POPS with riotous COLOR!!!!

  4. SandyM says:

    Oh.My.Goodness! That apartment has eye candy everywhere and is over the top of any home decoration I have ever seen. Rest well and enjoy your time there.

  5. Wow, such a wonderful apartment – a symphony for the eyes! Such a good idea to just take a few days and wander, that is often the favorite part of our vacations! That food looks great, so nice there is a vegetarian cafe so close by. Sounds like a great host – Morocco is on my bucket list!

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