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Jun 02, 2019

Our next destination is Cordoba, Spain

We had to take the train back to Madrid and make a change there. That involved a very long walk that resulted in us having to put our bags through the x-ray machine for the second time in an hour.  Then we almost got lost but finally figured it out.  Our destination Cordoba never came […]


May 25, 2019

5th day of the cruise mostly about eating

We decided to take a day off and just do what we wanted which involved reading and playing Colin’s wee guitar.  It was sunny and the view of Santorini off our balcony was pleasing so we just enjoyed our very comfortable suite.  With four places to sit inside and two outside we were able to […]


May 02, 2014

For Sale, etc.

Spring is in the air and we almost had summer.  It got up to 24C/75F yesterday and is supposed to get a tad warmer today and then right down to a daytime high of 9C/48F on Sunday so we have to enjoy it while we can. VC-50 dual transformer by Powermaster provides the proper corrective […]


Apr 26, 2014

Que pasa

We spent Friday catching up on personal matters which involved a lot of phone time.  I did manage to get out and pick up my car insurance and at the same time do some grocery shopping. Sticker shock.  We have been eating what I had purchased in the US last week and this was my […]


Apr 19, 2014

We got back home safe and sound

I can’t believe how a dog can remember a neighborhood and in particular a certain house that it has not seen in over a year.  Carmeh started shaking five blocks away and as we turned onto the street started barking and with two houses to go she started scratching at the windshield.  She knew that […]


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