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May 01, 2014

Breathing easier

We never heard back from the vet until 8:00PM last night.  They were swamped and then she had to go out on a horse emergency.  Meanwhile we waited.  Carmeh is responding to the Metacam which is great as she is not in as much pain and it is helping to reduce the pressure on her […]


Apr 29, 2014

CRAZY 23 hours

I have been back from my Mother’s memorial service for only 23 hours.  It was more than I expected and I was extremely touched as were many of the speakers.  Many many tears were shed.  I will fill you in on this another day.  I really would like to. I arrived exhausted yesterday and while […]


Apr 23, 2014

Things don’t always go smoothly

We have been working vey hard to get things sorted out and put away and get a grip on the company year end but there are aways glitches.  The other day after Colin’s aerial photo shoot he stopped in at Papa Murphys Pizza as we needed a time saving dinner.  They were closed, as in […]


Apr 21, 2014

Hi Ho Hi Ho, Its Off To Work We Go


Apr 20, 2014

Not a normal Easter Sunday

I sure hope that your Easter weekend has been relaxing and included some time with family and friends.  We have been going back and forth between the RV and the house and trying to fit everything back into place.  There have been a few challenges like our fireplace not lighting which is a big drag […]


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