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Apr 01, 2013

The party winds down

Easter Sunday brought many more to the Isla beach than Saturday had.  It was another great day. The entire Semana Santa weekend had no violence at all either here or in Mazatlan.  Lifeguards did 52 rescues but there were no deaths. I have no idea where the last ten years have gone but Caeli turned […]


Mar 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Hope you are all having a great day! The party continues here on the Isla next to Mazatlan.  Saturday we saw fewer people on the beach. However there are over 400,000 tourist in the city and the hotels are full. Our girls spent most of the day with their nose in the air smelling all […]


Mar 30, 2013

Thousands and thousands come to the Isla

This was all yesterday and it will happen again today and tomorrow!  Many packed up their garbage.  Some took it home, others left it in piles and yet others littered the beach.  Very early this morning many locals from the Isla were walking the beach with huge black garbage bags cleaning.  Another local, Danny, whom […]


Mar 29, 2013

Semana Santa

We are just fine but there is too much to see to take time to blog. Thousands and thousands of people.  Amazing.  I will add photos when I have a moment.


Mar 27, 2013

A slow Tuesday!

Still waiting for some action here on the Isla for the holidays.  Meanwhile on the advice of everyone here, we headed into Mazatlan to do all of our final errands.  The streets on the Isla are suppose to become impassable.  We shall see.  So we picked up some queso and romaine and a bit of […]


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