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Mar 28, 2014


A few nights ago on Tuesday evening we were swarmed by hundreds of thousands of termites.  Having done some research after the crisis I think they were drywood termites. It was just getting dark, Colin was getting out of  the shower and I was preparing dinner when we both started feeling things all over our […]


Mar 25, 2014

Yet another trip to the Vet and some distressing news

First off I want to let you know that Carmeh’s toe is back to normal. This recent trip to the vet goes back to early February when we took Caeli to the vet where we were told she had parasites.  There were 2 visits to the vet in February for this problem.  About ten days […]


Mar 16, 2014

Carmeh has a big problem :((

Saturday night of yet another long weekend in Mexico and we discover that Carmeh has a huge ouch! What to do?  We couldn’t find any vets that were open.  I spent a lot of time googling the situation.  We had no idea what to think, an ant bite ( no she wasn’t in agony with […]


Mar 15, 2014

2 visits to town and 2 cruise ships

Last Tuesday it was time for me to be crowned.  We were off to Dr. Paty’s office for my final crown.  I have to say I have become even more impressed with this dentist.  Have you ever been in a dental office where the chair is wiped down with disinfectant between patients and the floor […]


Mar 06, 2014

Mazatlan Carnaval 2014 Parade ~ part 3


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