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Nov 13, 2012

Que Pasa!

~ last 5 loads of laundry done!! ~dogs bathed. Tick medication applied. ~Christmas cards done! ~all Colin Jewall Photo Studios Inc. business completed till end of April 2013 except for money collection.  Working on that this morning. ~part 3 of my root canal at 7:50AM today!  Hmmm, not sure how those socks & open toe […]


Nov 12, 2012


So it happened.  We are covered in a blanket of snow and at 9:45AM it is still snowing.  It started about 4:20PM yesterday…. On checking the RV Colin discovered we had frozen taps with icicles, on the inside that is.  It was only -3C while the snow fell but the night before it had been […]


Nov 10, 2012

Change in the weather, snow!

We actually had the white stuff falling yesterday.  Just little flakes but it was snow and we are here!!  So to me that is a big thing.  Nothing accumulated on the ground but the surrounding hills are wearing a white blanket today.  It was -5C yesterday morning and it is -6 this morning and the […]


Oct 29, 2012

Earthquake, hurricane and stuff

There was 7.7 earthquake on our West Coast, near Prince Rupert about 8:09PM this past Saturday.  Many locally here in Kelowna and even in Kamloops reported seeing their lights swaying from the ceiling.  We felt nor noticed anything.  We were just relaxing watching a program on TV.  Once in Vancouver the girls started fiercely barking […]


Oct 26, 2012

Que Pasa??

Still getting things done here and there inside the house.  We are very very close to being done.  We finally got towel bars and had them installed yesterday.  It is great having them up but I have already decided I need to space them differently.   You read that right, a make work project.  I […]


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