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Apr 02, 2014

Starting to say adios amigos

After more packing and such we walked down to the other end of the beach towards the restaurants where we met friends for a late lunch/early dinner.  They are leaving 2 days before us but have a lovely four month European vacation planned.  We shared a huge zarandeado ( grilled ) fish dinner.  It was […]


Apr 01, 2014



Mar 31, 2014

Just another day on the Isla

Always something to do, someone to visit with or something to watch here on the Isla.  


Mar 30, 2014

Taking back the control & a spectacular sunset.

While here in Mexico we mostly live outside and are very close to nature so it is understandable that nature likes to come in and visit. The horse in the garden situation seems to be under control. The termites were a 24 hour nightmare that may or may never happen again.  We are happy to […]


Mar 29, 2014

Cerebral Renewal in Mazatlan

Thanks to friends, Renee & Greg, we were able to regain our sanity after a night fighting the bad guys.  The morning after the termite attack we had to cancel our morning chiropractic appointments while we mopped up the RV and we also debated cancelled our luncheon.  However a change of scenery is invigorating and […]


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