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Mar 29, 2014

Cerebral Renewal in Mazatlan

Thanks to friends, Renee & Greg, we were able to regain our sanity after a night fighting the bad guys.  The morning after the termite attack we had to cancel our morning chiropractic appointments while we mopped up the RV and we also debated cancelled our luncheon.  However a change of scenery is invigorating and […]


Mar 26, 2014

Dead mouse and Murphy’s Law

Did I not just post yesterday that we have not had a mouse or rat this season? We had a wee odor and during the day yesterday the odor became overbearing.  Then we saw a mouse turd on the bed.  Then a light bulb went on in Colin’s mind.  He stared a search and in […]


Mar 13, 2014

Have you ever seen an ice wave?

Someone here on the Isla was sharing an email with us. As they sat under the palm trees listening and watching the waves, they were reminded by a relative back in Michigan, that there is more than one definition to the word “wave”!!! Michigan has had the coldest winter in decades.  Water expands to freeze, […]


Oct 19, 2013

It is time for a few adventures

Colin left at 5 AM Friday morning to fly to Winnipeg to see his Mom.  She is turning 99 on October 28th, just 9 days from now.  She lives in a seniors home but not only does she shop for, she cooks her own meals. She is the oldest person in the building but refuses […]


Oct 16, 2013

Some progress & some fun

Colin is almost caught up with his photoshop but does 3 more photo shoots this week.  It was a glorious long weekend with sun and a bit of heat.  We decided to move the RV out of the storage compound onto our friend’s site just down the street from us. I was in the lead […]


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