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Apr 08, 2014

Too hot for us

We did cross into the US today, however we are suffering.  I have many photos and stories to share but it is too hot to think. I must start with my Dad.  I finally was able to speak with him tonight and he is doing well.  Yes he fell and it is a very long […]


Apr 07, 2014

Not our best travel day

Mexico has a different time change date that the rest of North America.  It happened @ 2 AM yesterday, Sunday.  So we had planned to leave at 5:30AM but that, 24 hours later, now became 6:30AM due to the time change and light.  We actually left at 6:15AM.  We should have left earlier. It is […]


Mar 16, 2014

Carmeh has a big problem :((

Saturday night of yet another long weekend in Mexico and we discover that Carmeh has a huge ouch! What to do?  We couldn’t find any vets that were open.  I spent a lot of time googling the situation.  We had no idea what to think, an ant bite ( no she wasn’t in agony with […]


Sep 27, 2013

Insurance & Que Pasa

We are so busy just working right now that I barely have time to blog.  Colin has been going day and night.  Today is his last scheduled photo shoot till mid next week.  But when he isn’t shooting, he is at the computer photoshopping and creating CD’s.  He probably has 60 hours to do on […]


Sep 26, 2013

No post due to…

…unforeseen circumstances.  I tripped over one of our dogs the other night and broke my eye glasses.  I now have a swollen and red & blue left eye.  Very painful and I just can’t spend much time online right now.  I did not hurt my hip at all although I do have a bruise coming […]


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