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Mar 28, 2014


A few nights ago on Tuesday evening we were swarmed by hundreds of thousands of termites.  Having done some research after the crisis I think they were drywood termites. It was just getting dark, Colin was getting out of  the shower and I was preparing dinner when we both started feeling things all over our […]


Mar 26, 2014

Dead mouse and Murphy’s Law

Did I not just post yesterday that we have not had a mouse or rat this season? We had a wee odor and during the day yesterday the odor became overbearing.  Then we saw a mouse turd on the bed.  Then a light bulb went on in Colin’s mind.  He stared a search and in […]


Mar 24, 2014

Ocean Tragedy

We were saddened to come upon this dolphin on our beach walk yesterday morning. Could it no longer swim? Could it no longer breathe? Could it no longer eat? Such a beautiful animal to be destroyed by something man put into the ocean.  


Mar 10, 2014

RV Accident & Adios!

On March 1 st I made a link on my post to Jacqui & Cameron’s blog.  They are a young couple taking a year off to drive their RV down to South America.  A few days ago they left the Isla to continue their dream journey. Most unfortunately they were involved in an accident.  Happily […]


Feb 18, 2014

Uninvited Intruder

Let me set the scene.  We were sitting next door at Val and John’s.  The girls really wanted to come over and Carmeh tried so hard.  First she tried to climb the fence and then she tried to bite through the plastic.  She looked so cute, she was just a few feet away but oh […]


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