Jul 17, 2021

Where to next?

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We were driving by 9AM Thursday, the 15th.  No matter how hard we try we are usually thirty minutes late.

I had been looking for elk for three days and here as were driving away there was an elk at the side of the road. We barely caught a glimpse. It is between the mirror and the steering wheel. Zip, gone, dang!!

Nothing but smoke as we drove east.

The kids were very happy just napping.

We stopped in Edson for diesel fuel which we got at $1.20 per litre at Petro Canada.  Basically that means all the driving we have done since we left Kelowna only cost us $200.00CAD.

Carlie had not completed her business before we left so we stopped and setup the pen for her but she refused to do anything.

They were back asleep about 15 minutes after we left Edson.

Oh so relaxed. Living the good life.

Look at their heads.

We finally got to Spruce Grove, Alberta which is right next to Edmonton, give or take a few miles.

Again the site was not what I had booked on April 2nd but was all could get.  Strange set up with the sewer way at the back of the site.  We had to unhook and back up the RV to dump and then pull forward and set up with electricity. Meanwhile I was doing as best I could setting up the inside. Our drive from Jasper was 216.4 miles. But we were on a tight schedule. We both had a chiropractic appointment at 5:30PM.  I was all prepared with maps as to how to get to that appointment. However there was a long line due to construction and so headed out in the opposite direction and ended up on a gravel country road.  Long story short we ended up in the Nisku area having missed our on ramp to Whitemud Drive. We ended up in the Nisku area. Time to stop and turn around. Not so fun in rush hour traffic.  Fortunately my iPhone has Google Maps ( thanks to my computer guru ) and we only arrived 10 minutes late. I did call to alert them to us being late. I did figure out what had gone wrong and it turned out that we should have gone straight after the country road but there are no signs so I went right as per my printed map.  Anyway we got there and best of all found parking right in front of the office.

Long time readers will remember that I travel to Edmonton once, sometimes twice per year to see my chiropractor. This guy understands the body and has never failed to sort out what ails me.  I usually can go a full year without seeing him.  Colin and I were rear ended back in November 2019 while in the Jeep in Las Vegas. We were of course headed out to Mazatlan. All pre Covid.  There was was no one in Mazatlan that could help me. Then as most of you know I ended up having knee surgery in January for two torn minuscus. Once back in Canada because of Covid I could not seek treatment until mid July of 2020. So I did the chiropractor and massage and medial doctor route. Nothing helped. Finally we were allowed to travel within Canada effective July 1, 2021. Our plan was to see our chiropractor here in Edmonton during this lovely trip we are on. To be honest this trip was planned around seeing Dr. McKenna.

It was so special to see Dr. McKenna again. I had an appointment for May of 2020 but because of Covid I could not fly. Within ten minutes  on Thursday I was feeling much better. One of the major things was that my C2 was catching on my C3 which was causing all my neck issues. He found many other areas which should correct all my issues.  Why oh why did I have to wait so long to get help? I had been seeing both a chiropractor and a masseuse in Kelowna but their treatments only kept me moving but did not address the cause of the problem.

After our treatments we stopped to pick up take out from a favourite restaurant, Chianti on Whyte Avenue.  On the way home we stopped at the off leash dog park attached to our RV park, Diamond Grove RV Park in Spruce Grove, Cpl. Jim Galloway Memorial Off Leash Area, a ten acre area.

After being cooped up for a week the girls loved it. They are used to running around our yard at home and so here they could really run full out and off leash.

Ciela’s way of coping with other dogs is to be totally submissive.

Once back in the RV the girls had their dinner. Carlie was so worn out that she layed down as she ate.

A very long day indeed.  But that was when I discovered my iPhone was missing. I posted about that incident here.

All ended well but so much stress. Just another long day on the road.







Jul 17, 2021

Last full day in Jasper


Athabasca Falls

These photos were taken on July 14th. We chose to visit two locations that again we had never been to in Jasper.  Nice to see some new areas of the park.


So much power.

The thunder of the falls can be felt through your entire body. Stunning.

A hole carved into the rock by water. Nature is truly amazing.

I could not decided so I put both in.

Aren’t they cute? Al three of them. The girls just love all the new sniffs but do wear themselves out and need a wee rest.

They fall asleep as soon as we get back into the Jeep and sleep deeply until the next adventure.

That adventure turned out to be a climb up to the Mount Edith Cavell viewpoint. Sadly we were dealing with so much smoke.

It was a very long way ‘up’ as in straight up.

We climbed up from down there and there were many many more steps to get to the top.

Cavell Glacier and Cavell Pond.

Angel Glacier higher up to the right. Those are waterfalls from the meting glacier and they did make a roar.

The Cavell Glacier is melting rapidly.

If you look closely you can see me coming up the path ever so slowly. A bit back I had told Colin to go on without me.  I could not get my breath. But I persevered and made it to the top.

Colin worked it out to be a 70 metre climb. That is 230 feet, which for me is a huge stretch  climbing straight up, what with my movement issues.  It was well worth the beyond my comfort zone climb and to sit on that lovely bench and enjoy  the vista.

Then of course we had to walk back down. It was steep enough that I had to take tiny steps on my toes. Amazing how much easier it is to head down.

So ended our time in Jasper. We were both happy to be able to see areas that were new to us and to enjoy how much the girls loved the out of doors. It was time to move on to new experiences.









Jul 15, 2021


The day started at 7:30AM and it is now 11:30PM.  We drove 216.4 miles/ 348.3 km. Quickly had to settle in. Yet another RV booking hitch. Girls did great but are bored with travel and not wanting to eat nor do their business.

After our medical appointments we finally headed back to the RV but first stopped at the adjoining off leash dog park. Girls loved to be able to run free for the first time in a week and run they did, as well as some wrestling. Once back here at the RV I discovered that both my cell phone and my handwritten daytimer were missing. After several thorough searches here in the RV and of course the Jeep Colin headed back to the dog park.  I know for certain that I had my phone when we parked. Colin went back threes times, walked everywhere we walked all the while calling my number. So disappointing and we spent time trying to figure out what to do.

Now is a good time to offer me suggestions including how to protect my phone. I also read something about ” go find my phone” app??? To be clear my phone is locked and requires a password to open. It is an iPhone6 ( by choice ) and I only us it to store contact info, text and message friends.  The odd time I make a phone call  😎

Long story short we checked the RV one more time and found them both. They had slid off the recliner and fell under it. I am so fortunate. It was a total fluke that they were found. They might have sat there for a few years. My phone was in silent mode because of my medical appointment.  Meanwhile we tried to call the police but they were closed until 8AM Friday and I did not consider this a 911 emergency although it felt like it at the time. What ever would I do without Colin?

So we just finished our $50.00 take out dinner in which the sauce had congealed. However heating it in the microwave for 40 seconds helped. We bought the food four hours before we finally ate it 😯 It was still very tasty.

No regular blog post tonight. Perhaps I will do two tomorrow or the next day.

11:45PM and I have to change sheets and towels. Definitely a long day. Still living in extreme smoke but we did have a few showers that have left the air feeling so fresh. Perhaps we will have less smoke tomorrow.

Here’s to a smoother day tomorrow.


Jul 14, 2021

Maligne Valley

Jasper is home to some incredible features, such as Mount Columbia, Alberta’s tallest mountain, Maligne Lake, the second- largest glacial fed lake in the world. As well as diverse wildlife including grizzly and black bears, mountain goats, wolverines, elk and bighorn sheep. To date we have not seen one elk when normally they are all over the place. I am convinced that the removal of all the damaged trees is affecting their usual roaming areas.

We had not been on the Maligne Road long when Colin exclaimed ‘a bear’. I saw a black shape in the distance but by the time I picked up the camera it was gone. Shortly thereafter he spotted a fawn along the side of the road.  I missed it.

Mid July 2015 this area was struck by lightening and resulted in a 5000 hectare fire. The wild flowers and under growth are slowly coming back.

We did all the must see stops along the 48KM to Maligne Lake. The best part of the trip for the twins was the lake.

They didn’t care how cold it was.

Jasper Park has placed a red chairs here and there in scenic areas. Impossible to get the girls to pose.

Finally a family picture.

It is rather obvious that these two are made for the Isla miles long beach.

We walked the Mary Schaffer 3 KM loop. The mix of shade and sun helped us deal with the 90F day.

Mount Warren (3362m/11,031ft) the the extreme left ( ends at that thin tall spike – third hump in ), Mount Charlton (3219m/10562ft) is next and ends with the two splotches of white glacier. Mount Unwin is that tall peak on the right ( 3270m/10,728ft).

The walk we took was named in honour of Mary Schaffer.

I took this photo off the public education  boards. Very scratched up but you can see the actually wooden raft that they travelled down the Maligne Pass to find this lake.

Mary Schaffer was an American that was way ahead of her time in terms of exploration. You can read a bit more about her here.

The colour of that glacial water is so very pretty. You can see the mountain in behind. The next day we were so smoked in that we could not see the mountains.

While the girls had their picnic kibble and water, they were being disturbed.

This fellow insisted on harassing them.

On our way back to Jasper this herd of female bighorn sheep came towards us. I was upset with that silver car mid photo.  He kept moving ever so slowly herding the sheep along.  He should have just stopped and let nature unfold. Guess he was in a hurry to see the lake.

The rest of the herd appeared after he passed. They are still shedding their winter coats. There were a few lambs in the mix. No full grown males, just the females.

I wished that they had not been pushed to run by that silver car. We did get a lovely close up view of this mamma and her three babes. The one on the left has three of his four feet up in the air. A great way to end the day.

Smoky skies.

We are experiencing some  extreme temps within 24 hours, 90F during the day and at night as low as 43F.  So we use the furnace early in the morning and the A/C later in they day. Maligne Canyon, Maligne Valley and Maligne Lake turned out to be a lovely day. Neither of us had ever visited this area of Jasper National Park before.  Our only frustration to date is to find somewhere to fill our empty 5 gallon water container.  We finally found a small store that will sell them but you have to buy the jug as well.  We already have two. The Whistler Park water tastes very fresh so we will use that for now.  Jasper Park is full of Albertans and us British Columbians as well as folks from Quebec, I hear them everywhere.  Next are the Ontarian’s, then a few from Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

I just found a good article that explains the pipeline contruction that we have been seeing as we travelled this way.  Click here to read about it.





Jul 13, 2021

We finally arrived in Jasper

Neither of us can remember the last time we were here but it was in this RV and we have had it since 2001. Jasper has changed. Jasper is a National Park with so many unique things to see. The first thing we noticed were the many changes re trees and vegetation.  We drove 134 miles in 2.5 hours which is really good.  Mostly because the twins slept.

We have seen signs of construction all the way from Kamloops. But those were like small roads being built into the bush. This looks like like some serious construction, possibly a pipeline.

Our first glimpse of Mount Robson, the highest point in the Canadian Rockies.  Standing tall at 3954 metres/12,973 feet.  Colin has named this bug on the windshield “the bug that bugged the blog”.

It is called the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

The original pipeline began in 1953, the year I was born. An expansion was approved in 2019. Click here to read about the expansion.

We are staying in the Whistlers Campground which looks desolate. It has been closed since October of 2018.  Modernization was required as well as the removal of many trees.

The pine beetle, a native to North American Forests are destroying our trees. Even at home we have seen the destruction. Click here to read about how the destruction comes about. There were so many dead trees here in jasper that it was decided to remove them as the wildfire risk was too high. Which is why Parks Canada has had to redo this campground.

There are no ants and very few other insects. However we wondering if we will see any elk which were known to wander throughout the park.  We have not seen anything yet. Out first visit here years ago we were surrounded by a herd who sat all around us with their babies. It was a unique and special event.We will never forget it.  Have not seen even one elk in two days.

The day we arrived here, yesterday, Monday July 12th was the first day that the park reopened. It is a full service RV park. It was special to be one of the first campers. Of course there was a screw up of our site but we got it sorted out and are in the next site over. This is the reservation that I had to get up at 3AM to book while we were camping in Fort Langley.

The circles are now all pull through.

Colin took the Jeep tire into the only place here in Jasper that does tire repair.  We tried for an hour but their phone just rang busy so he headed out. It was not far away. Seems that a sharp rock sliced the tire. Repair only $45.00.

I have to say that there is a great amount of open space between sites.

We are not setting up a dish to watch TV.  We want to just enjoy nature as it is.  There is no wifi so I have been using my iPhone as a hotspot but even that is not consistent. So basically I am scanning emails and doing my daily blog post.

The girls have a huge amount of space here.

Colin took the girls for a walk where they managed to walk thru some tall grasses. Fortunately I noticed that they had been bit by something. I put some type of creme on Carlie. I really need to get a new first aid kit for the twins. Suggestions are welcome. This did recede over 24 hours.

We really are enjoying our time here despite the heat around 91 -92 F but so dry. Our noses, dogs included, are ever so dry.

Last night we ordered pizza, $48.00.  Jasper is expensive but we were too tired to cook. We were both surprised at how light it as out at 11PM, due to how far north we are. I used to live this far north and I totally forgot. Hard to go to bed at night when it is still light out.




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