Mar 22, 2021

Some fun photos

Back on March 13th we were trying to get them used to their harnesses so had them play outside with them on. Sadly they have already grown out of these lovely very expensive harnesses recommended for doxies. They are growing so very fast. The toy they are playing with belonged to our first two girls many years ago.

Colin donated an old leather belt that he no longer wears. They love chewing on it. They somehow end up wrapping themselves up in the belt. Taken March 12th.

On the same day they decided to start playing while laying on their backs. Great for belly rubs which of course they both love.

I decided to get two toy boxes and to switch the toys around every few days. Seems that being in the box is the most fun.This was taken on March 13th.

This is their new cat tunnel which they love, perhaps too much. They go crazy with this thing. Also taken March 13th.

They get bored  so easily. However sometimes they get over excited and we have to intervene. Easy to see dark chocolate ( Carlie ) and milk chocolate ( Ciela ).

On March 15th Colin gave them a carrot  from our outdoor storage area to give them something new to do. And the race was on.

They even managed to carry it to up the ramp together. They eat half of it before I took it away. Now that was a great treat and a fun run.

Everyday they are discovering new things. We have no idea how on the 15th of March, the day they turned 10 weeks old they managed this feat. Colin was changing the blanket on the bed when they took over their crate.

Every day is different than the previous 😀

Today they turned 11 weeks old and laying on their back is now a favourite position.






Mar 21, 2021

Wiggly wiggly piggly

The photos for this post were taken seven days ago on March 10th.  Here they are trying to attack each other through the playpen.

As they grow they have become so squirmy. Colin can no longer take two out at a time. The one left behind now barks at the injustice at being left behind. Their personalities are beginning to emerge.

Sadly at puppy class last Wednesday one of Ciela’s back paws got stepped on by one of the ladies in the class.  From her screams I thought that she was dying. By the end of the class she could walk on it a bit but was stressed. She is now perfectly fine.



So today I need to confess that I, yes me, stepped on Carlie’s front right paw today in the bedroom. Somehow they got thru the barricades.  They are smarter than us and quite capable of breaking free. I was the only one in the room sorting the laundry when suddenly I felt and heard a squeal behind me. Trust me, it hurt me much more the her.  She did take a few hours to recover but in no time they were chasing each other outside ( in the cold ) all over the lawn. I am still upset about it.

I was getting food out of the freezer fo dinner. They now know the sound of the freezer door as that is where their frozen beans come from. Which they love.

I am not sure when I last updated you about my good friends who were in ICU with Covid. The husband got out of ICU a few days ago and today my dear friend  got out as well.  Of course they are still on the Covid ward in recovery but they will survive and get home – soon we hope.

Toe dremeling time. They get one tiny tiny treat ( cut in 4 ) for each toe. Ciela is okay with it.

Carlie not so much. But she was appreciative of the treats.

I want to welcome a very special reader to the comment section of my blog.  Michelle recently found my blog and has spent the past two weeks reading from the beginning to the end.  And she even enjoyed it 😉  I so appreciate your comment Michelle. One day perhaps we will meet on the Isla or somewhere else in Mexico. Looking forward to hearing from you as I move forward with the blog. Again I have been remiss in my postings ( and my comments ). But two puppies 😯  It is more difficult that I thought ( perhaps my age ). But they are each so very special and we love them so.

I hope you enjoy the photos.  There are many more to come.


Mar 19, 2021

Every day is different

Taken March 6th. All of our dachshunds  have often slept with their heads hanging over the edge of the bed.

This a a third bed ( the first being their crate ) that is in the sun for 4 hours or so during the day. The one on the left loves laying on the bottom of the window sill. As you can see they are going to be doing dogs.

Normal behaviour.

Carlie is so cute. All of these photos were taken March 6th.

Gosh the days are just flying by.  And the twins are looking less and less like twins. Carlie the dark one is longer and has larger bones while Ciela remains petite. Her tan makings are a different colour than her sisters. However they remain attached to each other. If one won’t eat then neither will the other. They won’t just eat out of their kibble bowl, they go back and forth between the two bowls.  Some days they eat a lot and other days very little.

The berries from our Mountain Ash are falling. I looked  it up and it can be poisonous to dogs so Colin is removing all the berries ( March 7 ). Sorry birdies.

They just love being outside and to run and run, chasing each other. Just a few days ago we had a low of -9C/15.8F followed by a high of 10C/50F all in one day. Fine during the day but cold at night.  They have been sleeping for 7 hours for three nights in a row but are back to just six hours. Pretty good for 10 weeks. They cry to wake us up so they can go out and do their business.  Colin takes them out while I put a towel and their bedding in the dryer. I greet them at the door with a large warm towel that they appreciate.  They are always shivering when they come back in. While I hold them Colin is layering their bed with warm covers.  They usually go back to sleep for almost an hour.  Needless to say they love to lay under the fireplace.  We are slowly developing some routines.

Last Monday, the 15th, they received their second set of shots. Did you know that very large puppies are given the same amount of vaccine as a tiny miniature doxie?  That is ” the law” according to the vet.  Of course our girls had a reaction.  They became very lethargic. They were not interested in food, nor playing ( which told us that this was serious ).  They just lay there and barely moved.  We called the vets office on Tuesday and they had us bring them in to check them over.  All appeared fine. It took about another 4 hours before they began to interact. By Tuesday evening they were back to normal. In all honesty, I quite enjoyed the quiet time despite being worried.

In  answer to a comment, yes our lake has melted. In the last post my blog text was current but the photos were behind.

Taken March 6th as the sun was going behind the mountain. You can see the beginning of the lake melt on the right with the clouds reflecting in the water.

Because it has been so cold at night it is taking longer for the lake to melt as it refreezes. Unusual to see ducks walking on the lake.

Sometines they will sleep separately in the same bed and occasionally in different beds. When really tired they will go into the crate.

I was going to show more lake photos but it looks like I haven’t edited any photos after March 9th.  Yes, I am far behind.  Oh well, c’est la vie!.

The green harness has been put to the side as it is too small ( Carlie is larger ) and we have a replacement that is too large ( same size ).

The lake began to melt very quickly last Saturday, the 13th. You can see the water to the top left is flying freely. I found these lake photos.  It was rather fascinating to actually watch the lake unthaw, hour by hour.

Jsut at the bottom of our steps we had ducks enjoying a swim.

Just a few hours later you can see how much more has melted. Thin ice on the right.

This fellow just could not wait to get out to the water. He worked hard to get through the thick icy sludge. His wife had to turn back, it was very difficult. At least he can say he was the first kayak on the lake this season.

The very next day, Sunday the 14th we had a free flowing lake.

The lake was still half frozen when we returned from Mexico last March and now it is melted earlier.  The water level is higher than normal for this time of year and there is some concern about flooding. There has been a record high snow pack level in the mountains that feeds into our lake. Meanwhile we just keep enjoying each day as it comes and that includes puppy kisses and face licks.

Best part of the day!

We are getting closer so please keep doing the right thing. Even if you have had your vaccine shot please keep wearing your mask and don’t forget to social distance.






Mar 15, 2021

More Que Pasa

Taken March 1.

Gosh some days are going by so swiftly. Some days we take hundreds of photos and other days only a few. I went back to March 1 and discovered so many photos that I had missed. Life just keeps happening and there is not enough time.  Puppy potty training is going very well. Most mistakes are because we missed the signals. They really do prefer to go out so it is almost a full-time job ( unless they are sleeping ) for one of us to be watching them.

Not supposed to be in the bedroom, the only room that has a carpet, but here they are discovering themselves in a mirror.

They share everything.

Colin’s puppy class with Carlie last Thursday ( March 11th ) was totally different than my class the night prior. There were seven dogs in the class including our girl.  However only one other dog was a puppy, about two weeks older than Carlie.  The rest were huge 5 and 6 month old dogs, a lab, a bouvier and an Irish setter and two medium sized but much older. The large dogs barked the entire class and Carlie whimpered the entire class. Colin says that at the end she was good and more used to the other dogs. The instructor was the same and the ‘lecture’ was similar but she did allow questions and the training session was just over ten minutes instead of less than five. Colin thought she was just okay. Yesterday our PetSmart had an electrical transformer problem and the building was evacuated. More than 24 hours later it remains closed.

Taken March 4th.

The wildlife is anxious for the lake to melt. First time seeing geese walk on the ice.

They love using the ramp that Colin built. Normally we take them out via the front door. The ramp is next to the patio door.

We try not to use it to much unless it is warm enough to leave the door open. The important thing is for them to know which door to run to go out to do potty.

I can’t remember if I told you but last Monday, the 8th, Colin took Carlie in to the vet at my request and sure enough she did have a mild ear yeast infection. Today both girls saw the vet for their second set of shots and the ear infection is gone.  They are in perfect health and did not even whimper one bit when they each received their injections.

Enjoying frozen beans from our garden. They really like them as well as carrots.

Sadly in other news, our good friends just down the road from us are in hospital with Covid.  It has a been busy week being a bit involved with that. The husband went in last Tuesday and his wife went in yesterday, Sunday morning and today she was moved to ICU. They are both holding their own thus far. I don’t know of anyone else who has been so diligent in wearing masks and staying home. In fact a few months ago they told another neighbour who was close to them, to please stop coming by as they knew she was going to other’s homes to play cards.

As you can see they are growing and starting to look like long dogs.

The twins are changing so much every day that we can’t keep up.  They are growing taller and hence can reach areas that are supposed to be out of bounds 🙁 Their individual personalities are emerging.  Fortunately they are sleeping six hours per night  😀  However the geese woke them up at 1:00 AM this morning so we are sleep deprived.

This was taken recently. They have done two walks, one with Colin and one with me. So fun to watch them walking, however sometimes they put on the brakes. But lots of ‘good girl’ gets them moving again.

It is after  9PM ( now 10 PM as I am proofing ) and I am writing this in the hopes that I soon may have dinner.  There are not enough hours in the day.  Of course it is time to start working on the company year end and I am being stretched in so many directions. Such as a puppy escaping her area just now and the chase is on. Time to hold them and settle them for the night. Back shortly. Now to add some photos and call it a night.  I need to go and do my exercises as well as make us some dinner ( eating as I proof )  and relax for a bit before we get our few hours of sleep.

They met four dogs and many humans on their walk today ( their first ever together walk ) and appeared to have a good time. They did start to whimper as the wind was cold so we went home. They were quieter today likely due to their vaccine shot this morning.



Mar 11, 2021

A very bad start…..

Yesterday was the first night of six puppy classes. I am going to the one hour 4PM class with Ciela on Wednesdays, the youngest by 90 minutes and the smallest. Colin is staring tonight, Thursday, with the 6:45PM class and with Carlie. I would rather not have to drive in the dark.  It is 6:40PM at this very moment and it is pitch black out there. We have separated the twins as with them being litter mates they are likely to want to just be together and not participate in the class. It is good to socialize them separately. They really prefer to be side by side most of the time, although when we walk ( carry them ) separately the other is quite content on her own.  Today Ciela played outside while Colin did chores while Carlie chose to come inside for a nap.  Of course when Ciela came in I kept her away from her sister as she would likely have started wrestling. It took about 5 minutes before she settled  and fell asleep herself. I then put her in a different bed than Carlie.

This is the medium size crate that we have used since day one with the girls.  We have always kept a heavy blanket all around it except for the entrance. They is how they drove home here with us and where they sleep at night.

Our large wire crate is perfect for the two of them but is a real pain to move and set up in the car. So I borrowed a dog crate for us to use this week for transport to puppy classes.

Meanwhile I ordered this crate from Amazon which we should get in the next few days. It is much more open for the dog and us seeing each other plus the top zips right open.

Colin totally cleaned and disinfected that first blue crate before I used it yesterday. I put in a layer of plastic garbage bag and two thick towels each folded in two. I allowed myself about an extra 15 minutes for the just in case scenarios to drive to the class. I had already driven myself to a medical appointment that morning so I was confident in my driving. We have been home from Mexico for almost a full year. Colin and I have always gone out together for errands and he has driven.  A few times last spring I did drive on my own to do some errands. However Colin really wanted to drive me about. He even would take me to my massage appointments and wait the full hour plus! He even wanted to drive me to the puppy class and stay in the Jeep with Carlie.  I said no, that I would be fine. Ha, little did I know.

Ciela started whining just as we left the park. As we approached the highway she was being rather vocal.  I tried putting my finger through the crate and could feel her licking me. Her cries became louder and louder and by the time I had driven to the far end of the lake along the highway, I could smell it. You guessed it 🙁 Wow very very stinky. I knew that I had to pull over but it was a few miles before I could turn off.  I stopped in a very safe place just off the highway. I came around to her side of the car and opened the crate.

What a mess 😥  She was at the back of the crate sitting in a bunch of poop 😯  So I reached in and dragged her out. Being as organized as I am I had paper towels and wet wipes for babies. Not enough as it turns out.  She had poop between her toe nails and as I kept cleaning there was even more.  Then I discovered that she had also vomited. I felt so bad for her, she was a mess from top to bottom. The crate was a disaster zone. Fortunately Colin had added a bunch of towels to the car.  So I cleaned her as best as I could.  I had you know what all over my hands and under my finger nails 😯  Thank goodness for all the hand sanitizer in the car.  So I transferred her to the the dog carry bag  which was also lined with a garbage bag and towels.  I managed to tie that in to the seat belt. I finally got back onto the highway and called Colin to let them know that I would be late to class.  Ciela started to whine again as we drove but I was in rush hour traffic and needed to concentrate. I kept pushing her head back into the carry bag. She finally fell asleep.  Once we arrived I discovered that she had vomited again. I didn’t have much more to clean her up with with but got the job done more or less. I found a clean towel to cover the bottom of  the carry bag and we went into the class.

There were only four in this particular class. I apologized for being late. I left Ciela in the bag and she promptly fell asleep for the entire class. What a waste of a class. It was a lecture that should have been given out ahead of time as a hand out. No questions were allowed nor answered. With five minutes left the instructor taught two key things, how to make eye contact and how to sit. Between her being with her back to me and everyone wearing a mask it was very difficult to hear her. So one very quick demonstration of each and that ended the class and my head was spinning. I did wake up Ciela who was still stressed from the drive to the class and she looked at me and and had no idea the que pasa of it all. Actually neither did I. So we are expected to have them walking on a leash by next class and know how to sit on command. I can’t even get her to wear her harness and move with it. However no questions allowed. Others asked if they could email in questions. No!! Hmm this class is costing us $129.00 per dog.

So we left the class and ran into another mom and pup. Her dog was also 9 weeks old. She indicated how upset she was with the class instructor. Nothing we could do. However I have decided to document the class and I will go to the head of PetSmart for all of BC with my complaints. This first class was a total waste of time. Tonight Colin is at the same class with the same instructor.  I can hardly wait to hear his thoughts.

Meanwhile outside the classroom Ciela got to meet Milou and they really liked each other.

Hopefully next week will be better.




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