May 25, 2021

The past two weeks have been a blur of emotion

Checking out their domain.

My last post was May 18th but sadly I tripped on a dog toy hidden under a blanket on the floor a week earlier on the 11th. I could not move for two full days nor bend my right knee ( the one I had surgery on back in January of 2020 ). I used ice, heat and something similar to icy/hot. Fortunately I had a chiropractic appointment booked for the 14th which I knew would be of help. Sadly for me but wonderful for Colin, he got a full day job for that Friday.  There was no way that I could drive myself. I finally did see my chiro on the 19th but by then my left leg was 1/2 inch shorter and my right scapula had sunk given me searing pain anytime I moved my right arm or raised it. Hence very little posting. My chiropractor helped immensely on the 19th as did my masseuse on Friday the 21st. I am slowly healing.

A favorite pastime.

They do love each other but still get some nasty bites in and we hear the odd loud yip!

I was angry when I went to Superstore on the 19th ( Colin was driving me ) as at least 4 – 5 people ( that I personally observed ) were not wearing any masks at all, not even hanging around their necks. I finally went to customer service where they said that some folks can’t wear a mask and there was nothing they could do about it. Two days later I made a very quick stop at Canadian Tire where there was a huge sign at the entrance stating that all who entered had to be wearing a mask. Plus they had a security person standing there to enforce the message on the sign. Good for you Canadian Tire. Well done. Every stop was painful on the right side of my body but some things just needed to be done.

Lots of wind and high waves Tuesday, the 18th.

A branch fell from a tree and of course they found it. They will chew anything including my toes.

We have neighbours on both sides of us doing renovations. Between the one using heavy equipment to remove his concrete driveway, patio and RV pad ( stressful to us, noisy and the house shakes ) and very dusty. The one on the other side was pouring large amounts of new cement ( tolerable as they were very efficient ) and we were surrounded by noise and dust.  The concrete removal job has been going on since April 8th. So I negotiated between the two properties a time when we could bring the RV to our site to do a clean. We are really hoping do at least three trips this summer. All depends on how our travel lockdown eases up.

Interesting lighting last Wednesday, calmed me down after my Superstore visit.

Slightly out of focus but it looks to me like the female is doing a dance for her partner.

Colin treated the girls to a picnic last Thursday morning. The sun was shining.

A great way to end the day, last Thursday.

So we moved the RV from the storage lot to our driveway ( a bit hanging out front  😉  ) on Thursday May 19th with the intent to remove the RV 48 hours later as we are no longer allowed three nights.  We were disheartened to discover that mice had paid our mobile home a visit over the winter.  Remember my blog last fall asking you on suggestions how to avoid mice visiting the RV over the winter. Colin put four of those suggestions into action but still we had some tiny visitors. Frustrating. So we spent most of Thursday and part of Friday cleaning up mice turds.  All the drawers were brought inside, the contents washed, the drawers vacuumed and disinfected. The bedding that I had washed and made the bed with had to be rewashed as well as everything else sitting on the bed.  Such a waste of time. I was upset because just the day after a helpful recovery via the chiropractor I was aggravating my shoulder again with repetitive scrubbing motions. I had no choice, no way could Colin do it all.

Long story short our landscaper was here early last Thursday morning to do a quick job providing water to our five potted tomato plants on the patio. That led to him checking why we had some dry spots on the lawn. Turns out two zones were not even working. That led to him discovering that our GFI plug was not working. That plug controls our three irrigation zones as well as any other electrical plugs outside which meant that Colin could not vacuum the RV. Oh, I forgot to mention that our outdoor freezer no longer had power and the majority of our food had thawed out. Furious! Angry at the waste of money spent on ruined food. It was a very expensive visit by an electrician late in the afternoon – for a ten minute fix.

Enjoying my cuddle time and tranquility last Saturday, my 68th birthday. The morning was perfect ( once the demolition equipment stopped working ) but we got some afternoon clouds hence the sweater.

It was so relaxing just being still and absorbing nature all around me. Colin suggested that we go inside but I wanted to stay outside as long as I could.

Friday morning brought more upset.  Colin was unable to fill the RV water tank. It would not accept any input of water.  He called Voyageur RV that did the winterizing of our RV in the fall. Colin suspected that an error had occurred and he was upset at the stupidity of the situation. No one returned his phone calls/messages. Once I got back from my massage I called again and waited, next call I asked for the manager. About six calls later we received a call from the actual RV tech who did the winterizing. He recalled our RV but not what he did. He also said that it would Tuesday ( the 25th ) before he could come check it out. Meanwhile I asked him to call the mobile dispatch manager ( she refused to take calls or return calls ). She did call us back and said that the tech would be here within 45 minutes.  She must have canceled his other appointments and sent him directly to us. Joy. Who does that these days especially on the Friday afternoon of a long weekend? We were so happy. Once he arrived he figured out that he had made an error and it was an easy fix, a valve that should not have been left closed. This was the first time that our RV has ever been winterized. The RV tech stayed and helped Colin get the RV back up and functioning. Sadly he had slopped some of that pink RV antifreeze in the kitchen corian sink last fall and it left a stain 🙁  Still working on that issue.

This surprise greeted me once I finally went inside. I have no idea how Colin found the time to arrange a celebration for my birthday considering how chaotic our week had been. The banners were in lovely pastels saying ‘Happy Birthday’ which went perfectly with the pink polka dot balloons.  How fun!

Birthday cards from my husband and my two kids. I also received a card from a special friend that I met the summer before 7th grade as well as some special to me FB  greetings. Colin was so creative, Nanaimo bars are my favourite and it has been over ten years since I have enjoyed them. Love the cute candle display. He had purchased a seven layer dip with Que Pasa chips, another thing that I didn’t know that I was craving ( the dip, not the chips ). Dinner was take out from a new to us local Italian restaurant. Definitely a new favourite. OMG, so gourmet.

We sat outside later and enjoyed a glass of this Petalo Il Vino Dell Amore, a Moscato Bottega. You could taste the rose petals and  each sip was meant to be savoured. Only 6,.5% alcohol. For dinner we savoured a Sauvignon Blanc from Chile, Mancura Etnia ( 13% ) perfect choice.

Eventually we were able to get the RV  back in storage about 11AM Saturday, the 22nd. Meanwhile the neighbour started to take apart his concrete at 8AM but by 9:30AM the dust and noise ( not sure which is worse ) had stopped. We later discovered that his rented machinery would not work 😀 Am I bad? Saturday turned out to be the best day of our long weekend ( weather wise ) and we revealed in the peace and quiet.  We had blue sky, sunshine and heat and could hear the birds. It was a perfect day to celebrate my birthday. I kept joking that my mind was so strong that it stopped his noisy equipment from functioning. So now you understand the ups and downs of my last few weeks.

Currently we have restrictions as to only being able to travel within our health region. And any visitors from other areas are not welcomed. Our park here actually contacted folks from other areas ( including out of province ) and cancelled their reservations. It was surprising to see how empty the park was over the weekend.

However despite all of the above I did have a perfect birthday. We had fun and relaxed, sat in the sun and laughed at the antics of the puppies. As it was a long weekend I decided that I would continue to celebrate for three days. I am feeling so much better with little pain.

Double decker puppies.


May 18, 2021


Doxies do like to sleep on their backs.

And they love to be covered up. We are still warming blankets in the dryer to cover them up with at bedtime.

This is where they sleep at night but they do take naps in their crate during the day.

One thing is that they do move around a good deal while resting.

Our golf cart window is old and discoloured with so many marks on it from age. It has become difficult to see through the plexiglass because of the ultra violet rays.

You can see how yellowed it has become. Here it is doubled down but when cool or windy we have it up full to block the wind.

There was only one new windshield that would fit our cart in all of Kelowna and fortunately Colin was able to locate it. It took both Colin and our neighbour Bob to fit it properly. You can ( with difficulty ) see how much clearer it is – and that is with the protective film still on it. Finally we can see clearly again!

Borrowed lilac blooms from a neighbours trees. So sad that they last less than 48 hours. The scent is intoxicating.

The girls have taken to napping at a newly placed bed next to my desk.

They seem to do acrobatics as they nap. I love watching them move as they sleep. Maybe that is why I don’t seem to get anything accomplished, I am always watching my girls.

We have come to love them so much, except when they are brats.  Our breeder says that at 19 weeks they are simply being teenagers.

Something for dog owners to be aware of.




May 16, 2021

Antelope Canyon

My first slot canyon and likely my last. We were so fortunate to have perfect weather for our walk through. The day was October 19th, 2018.  Here is the link to my blog post which has more photos. Hopefully I will get one more opportunity to revisit Antelope Canyon. If you are in the area don’t miss it.

Our May 2021 calendar photo.



May 14, 2021

First visit to the beach

Over a month ago on April 2nd we walked the girls to the small beach just off the golf course here in the park. Dogs are not allowed.  However I have seen many dogs visiting there. As the golf course was not yet open we decided to take the girls.  No one was around.

Sand was a new texture for them to explore.

Then they noticed the water. They were only 12.5 weeks back then. So much tinier, how fast they grow.

So many new sniffs.

Ciela was very brave.

It appears that they will really enjoy the beach on the Isla.

Lots of digging in the sand.

I love Carlie’s sweet face in this shot.

Just two days ago we again walked them to this very small beach area and they loved it and romped all over. Fortunately no one was in the area so we got away with it again.  It wasn’t long before Carlie headed to the water. The lake is starting to rise because of the snowpack melt and there was no gentle slope to the water. She went from soft sand into about 6 – 7 inches of water. Colin and I both panicked, he was ready to wade in and rescue her. However she instinctively did the dog paddle and came back to shore. Of course she and her harness were wet but she just loved it. Needless to say we don’t have any photos of what happened. These girls are keeping us on our toes. We need to find a dog beach nearby.

If they don’t stop digging holes in our lawn I am going to have to keep them in a pen outside. Six new ones today. I think we now have at least 12 good sized holes.

Yeah we finally have heat and that is the forecast for the next few days. The garden is going to be very happy.





May 12, 2021

Mabel and Ciela

This set of photos were taken April 12th by Colin, exactly a month ago. At that time she was 14 weeks old. So four weeks younger that the photos in my last post. They are too special to not post them.

It was mentioned in a comment the other day that Ciela’s eyes are narrower than Carlie’s.  They really aren’t but in that photo session she was squinting because the sun was in her eyes. She must be more sensitive to light than Carlie.

She was and still is an imp.

Meet Mabel as named by our new neighbour. Long time readers might recall how this duck nested in our hedge. In fact she is standing on the fence directly above where her nest has been for a few years.

Mabel has been searching for her nest for a few weeks. She was most unhappy with the fence.

This was also taken on April 12th. She has taken to coming everyday and sitting on our lawn looking for nutrition to get her thru her pregnancy. It took her a few weeks before she moved on. The girls were very patient just watching her and if they were outside they just sat and watched her move about – mostly.

Click here for a link to my photos of her chicks coming out of her nest in our hedge last June and heading to the lake for the first time. It was an amazing sight and I will never forget it. She taught me that ducks can count. A friend sent me a link a few days ago. It is also a story of how a mama duck kept track of her new brood but much more dramatic than the photos I took. Thanks Ken. The following is a two minute extraordinary video taken in Spokane. This guy is a hero.

Back to Ciela.

We call her Ciela Bella.

Hmmm, we were doing this a year ago.

Contemplating life and the future.




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