Oct 13, 2022

MAJOR changes

You must all know by now that my blog is going to need some serious surgery.

Of course this is not a good time for me to have this happen. And certainly not a good time for you. How will you find out if we got the RV part or if that was the fix it needed? How will you find out what day we left home for Mexico? How will you find out where we spend each night? How will you find out how the girls are enjoying RV travel now that they are older?

I am very fortunate in having people, in particular one special person helping me.  First I need to get my entire blog transferred to another storage area, no idea if it will take a day or more. Then another new blog with an upgraded format needs to be created. Most importantly I will have to learn how to navigate that new system.

So this is my last post on this my original blog. I have no idea how long construction of the new blog will take or how long I will be offline. Once the original blog is transferred I will not be able to post here again until I have the new blog up and running.

However Colin came up with an idea. I can do an update everyday starting tomorrow October 14th. But I will post on something called BOX. All you have to do is click here.

Then click on the top yellow folder on the left under Contessa Blog  There you will get as close to a post that I can write.  Each day there will be a new  yellow folder to click on ( unless I can’t get online ) with an update of the 5C’S Que Pasa.

So the first thing  that you will see when you click on the above BOX link will be this….

Then you simply click on the dated yellow folder which will open to show two or three or more boxes, click on each one or just click on the first on and you will see an arrow on the right side and click that to go to the next box.

You will want to make a copy of the actual link so that you can use it to read the updates because you won’t be able to come back to this post for a while. You do not need to log in nor sign in as may be shown on the top right, simply click on the yellow folder.


There is good news in that once the new blog is up and running we will all be able to see all my original blog posts from day one and still use the search engine.

You won’t be able to make a comment but an email will be very welcome. That way, I will know that you are out there. Let me know if there is a problem. Honestly if this is too much for you to do please let me know and I will stop doing daily updates.

BIG PS:  the link might open for some with the yellow folder already open so in that case just click on the boxes on the left called screen shots, looks like the second example.



Oct 10, 2022

Que pasa

I have an entire post planned on how Colin does the girls nails. After many many months Colin now has Ciela laying back and totally relaxed. Hard to see but her tiny pink tongue is sticking out a wee bit. Of course Colin has to sing little songs with made up words to relax them. Carlie is not so relaxed.

This morning I finally got through all my lists to the point that I was able to leave about 2:30pm and hit four stores for some pre Mexico grocery shopping. I got some really great deals. I always check prices at Walmart in the US and today I got some great deals here. I saved quite a bit. And then when I checked out I was asked if I wanted to use my points. I said what points and how much money. The bill was $109.08 and I got $100.00 off my groceries. Almost better than Las Vegas. Home by 5:30, just in time for a well deserved glass of vino blanco.

In order to save some time loading the RV  ( we have no idea when we will get it back ) I spent all of yesterday placing items on the dining room table. I can be putting things away in the RV while Colin does the carrying.

I still have to go thru all my recipes in case I need a few special ingredients. Recipes seem to fall into my inbox so I have some new ones to try out on the Isla. I always look for recipes that have ingredients that I can get in Mexico. I better check my spices as well.

I got this photo yesterday of Carlie sitting in the bed in the sunshine. Look at her left elbow resting on the edge of the bed, almost sitting like a human.

Everyday there is something new to deal with. Today had to do with iCloud which I do not use. I did figure it out eventually

Once I finished sorting the groceries, most went to the RV pile, I looked outside. Wow. The rainbow with the colour of the sky was stunning.

It was a very cool day with high winds. That worked out for Colin who has the outside almost complete. Today he concentrated on what music he was bringing as well as reading material. I have no idea how many guitars will be traveling with us next week. We actually we hope that we are still leaving next Tuesday. Hopefully tomorrow we will hear some positive news.

Funny how things work out.  I have ordered business cheques twice in the past month, oh my, how expensive ($170.00 for 200 ) they are these days. So both times they were incorrect once the spelling of Jewall and once the format. Certainly hoping that we get them before we leave. We have been dealing with this bank since 2003.

My kinesiology exercises continue week after week. I am beginning to see more strength in my muscles. I have a long way to go but I plan on doing what I need to do.  Lise, my kinesiologist, is going to give me day exercises to do just as we are traveling.

I see her tomorrow and then two weeks later once we are settled in Las Vegas I will continue my routine with her. While traveling from the US to the Isla I will also do a shortened form of exercise but I do plan on doing weekly video sessions with Lise right until we get back here in April.

Suddenly the colours of the sky were all over the place.

I have never seen these colours here before.

The girls have been in top form all day. Running and playing and wrestling. We often wonder how it would have been if we did not get both? So happy that we have our chocolates. Do you think they know that something is happening?

This photo was facing the south, the others were taken facing east where the colour was different. So strange but ever so lovely.

Not long after Colin discovered that the UV light for the reverse osmosis ( drinking water ) was leaking. So he cleaned up the water mess and put a bowl to catch the steady drip. An email and a voice mail have been left for the company to come and do urgent repairs – hopefully tomorrow.

Yet another interesting day 😎




Oct 09, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow, Monday the 10th October is when the Canadians celebrate. So a very special Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers and friends.

There is a huge full moon moon tonight called the Hunter’s Moon.

Great photo.

We are spending this three day weekend preparing for our departure next Tuesday. The dining room table is covered with things that need to be moved into the RV. Hopefully this will help us get loaded faster. I can be inside putting things away while Colin keeps hauling thing into the RV. Still keeping positive thoughts.


Oct 07, 2022

It’s like deja vu

What can I say? I feel like we are back in Las Vegas waiting for engine parts.

Ciela was laying flat on her stomach.

Had I been the one ordering the sensor for the rv engine it would have arrived Thursday. Colin asked for it to be expedited 😐 not sure what that means. I would have insisted on overnight. So as of this afternoon the part is somewhere in some Kenworth shop 😯

Colin gifted me with this last week. Love it.

If the part arrives by Tuesday we hope that it can be installed at the latest end of day Wednesday. Then there is the windshield, the glass company is still without staff. He sounded so dejected on the phone. All he said to us at end of today was to call him when we could get the RV to him and he will try and do the best he can. The window is very heavy and special scaffolding needs to be set up, etc. So perhaps we will get the RV end of day Thursday.

Most wonderful hour of my life in the past few weeks. I learnt something new and we were able to converse. Colleen taught me how to video talk via Messenger. So very easy. I never could never figure out FaceTime.  I can hardly wait to see mi amiga especial.

One new thing is that Colin told me today that the crack is in the very top left corner of the windshield. It is a curve no longer than seven inches from the top to the left. The important thing I found out is that the crack is on the inside of the window. You can feel it with your finger. Usually cracks are on the outer side of the windshield.

A neighbour out enjoying the most wonderful October that we are having. Sun, heat and no rain.

We are still enjoying our garden but for some reason the carrots were wonky this season.

My question to you is, would we be able to travel with that crack safely? Would it help to have the inside crack repaired with a UV-activated epoxy and resin? What about using Gorilla glue on the crack? These are serious questions that I am asking and would really value your advice or even an opinion.

Everyday I fall more and more in love with our chocolates.

The park here recently changed the rules and we are no longer allowed to put the RV out front for more than two nights, it used to be three nights which was much better. Someone must have complained, not about us but others. So we had planned to put the RV out front this weekend and start loading and then back in storage for a few days. Obviously that is not going to happen. I am going to ask permission to please allow us ( under the circumstances ) at least three nights may even four nights. Because so much is up in the air we have held back from ordering  our Mexican liability in surname and a few other things. If they can’t repair the RV we will be spending the winter here. We are not in the position of purchasing even a used RV. So I really need you all to keep your fingers crossed and to send positive thoughts our way. Hopefully by end of day Tuesday we should have an idea of the que pasa of our RV.

Obviously they love each other.

In other news I was able to get my fourth booster yesterday which was the Moderna bivalent vaccine. The Pfizer bivalent was only approved for use in Canada today. The way the system works here in BC, Canada is that invitations are sent out by email to the oldest, those with compromised immune system and then those under 90, then 85, 80 etc. I know people over 85 who have not yet received an invite. So I called the BC 1 800 Covid number and explained that we were leaving in two weeks and how can I get that fourth booster. I was simply asked what day and what time would I like 😯  This vaccine is not mandatory. I was there yesterday at the vaccine clinic and was surprised to see so many professionals waiting to give the vaccine and very very few people in attendance. FYI my last vaccine was just over 3 months ago so if you want the vaccine make a call and reserve your time slot. Colin decided to pass on this particular booster. We all have to do what is right for ourselves. I am not a fan of vaccines and have never had the flu shot nor the shingles shot and have never had either. However Covid to me is an entire new direction.

Sunset on the Isla last evening. I can hardly wait. Thank you Dallas.

Today we went to my wonderful hairdresser who works out of her home and she cut hair for both of us and I got my haired coloured, I am going darker. The girls love going there, Tana is our executor and she also gets the girls should something happen to both of us.

Mother Nature treated us tonight.





Oct 05, 2022

More not so great news.

My blog has been offline for a few days. This was the explanation.

There’s been an hardware failure (hard disk).  The RAID array was not picking the drives.  Data center technician has replaced the faulty drive(s), reinstalled the RAID software and did a bare metal restore and recovered the website. Hopefully it will not happen again.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

Mid August our Mountain Ash has more berries than we have ever seen.

So now you know why there have been no posts. However there hasn’t been much positive news to share other than the fact that the blog is once again functional.
DANG, dang, dang!!! I just right now noticed that the last post I had created the day that the hurricane landed as a Category 1 is missing. It must have been somewhere in space when my server went down. It took me over two hours to write that post. Colin just told me that he thought it was a really interesting post. If anyone was able to get it can you please send it to me. Very long story short, both Mazatlan and the Isla suffered no damage from the hurricane. At the very last moment Orlene turned to the south. The sun even came out that afternoon. I had some neat shots taken from some Mazatlan webcams for you. I am unhappy that I lost that post but it is not the end of the world.

Mid September and the berries are becoming more red.

So just two days ago Colin took the RV in for the third time to get the windshield installed. The shop looked closed when he got there but he proceeded to unhook the Jeep ( which he had hooked up only 40 minutes earlier ) and prepared to drive the RV into the shop. But the doors did not open. So Colin went around to the front of the building and walked inside to find the owner sitting at his desk with a stunned expression. He had just received an email from his main staff member saying that he was quitting via email right that moment. You might recall that his other main guy suffered a stroke a few weeks ago which delayed the install until now.
So this third attempt to install the windshield was a no go. Once again Colin hooked up the Jeep but instead of driving home he kept going east to Armstrong. What I have not told you is that either last Thursday or Friday Colin went to start the RV just to check it. The RV would not start.A yellow light kept coming on, a fault code light but which one? Eventually the RV started but it was a very rough start. Colin shut the engine off and waited 15 minutes, still the same hard start. So he called Cummins in Las Vegas. The technician that he spoke with said  that likely some fuel filters needed adjusting. They had just been changed less than two weeks ago and perhaps one was not tightened enough. He then called the mechanical shop in Armstrong who did the work and they thought is was a simple fix as well. So seeing as Colin was more that halfway to Armstrong he took the RV there and left it for those easy repairs.
Just to remind you, we are leaving in 13 sleeps including tonight.
Finally Quality First Motors called us this morning, the first chance that they had a moment to look at it. They also experienced a hard start but it did start. They then attached the computer to the engine and the machine said the an engine sensor was not functioning.  There are two sensors for our engine and the first one was what had given us so much trouble this past spring as we tried to get home. But we can’t understand why after working perfectly the past two months ( back and forth from Kelowna to Vernon re the windshield install that has not yet happened ) that suddenly the RV did not want to start.

By the end of September the berries are a lovely red colour. Most Mountain Ash trees have orange berries but we made sure to get this reddish colour. It looks stunning in the snow.

Colin then immediately called his contact at Cummins in Las Vegas where we hung out for a very long time this past April. The head of the service department called Quality First Motors and ran through their diagnostics. The local shop had already done a fuel check to make that there were no fuel problems. Las Vegas agreed with Armstrong, BC  on the diagnostics. Fortunately the part was sourced in Memphis and hopefully will be here Friday. However this is the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend so we shall have to see. Meanwhile the glass shop is looking for people to install our windshield. It sounds to me that it will be another full week before we get it RV back. Yes stressful.
The thing is that we have prepaid 21 nights at our first RV park in the US.
Colin is somewhat down because of all these things happening.  We can only keep trying to stay focused and positive. We have held back on buying our Mexican vehicle travel insurance as well as ordering MXN pesos. But it is getting close to D- Day!


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