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Sep 06, 2021

A bit of this and that

Mazatlan and in particular the Isla survived the hurricane. Lots of standing water and flooding in some homes. I have been told that our palapas look good. Of course that is from a distance so we will have to check for holes and leaks once we return, whenever that will be. Last Wednesday, September 1st, […]


Sep 05, 2021

Adios August

The month passed so quickly. The seasons are changing more quickly the older we get.  How I wish to rewind the clock. I have said this so many times, be sure to enjoy each day to the fullest. Our August calendar photo, taken in 2018. This was our first trip to the North Rim of […]


Sep 02, 2021

We gave in!!

We have been sending healing thoughts everyday to sister number three, Sequoia. She was spayed this past Tuesday, exactly three weeks after our girls. We hope to reunite the triplets within the  month.  I think it is as hard on us parents to have our babies go through this procedure as it is on them. […]


Aug 31, 2021

A change and some deals

We even made some money. We made $75.00 on our five stools and now have four more that we really like ( I can sit on all four ) and we still have an extra $5.00 in our pocket. We don’t usually do that but of course like everything else in the world, nice new […]


Aug 30, 2021


Where to start? BC Wildfire Service has listed the Skaha Creek ( Penticton ) wildfire as a “wildfire of note,” and updated its size to 212 hectares as of 1:10PM today. The winds have been light but are slowly picking up. Hopefully everything will calm after sunset. Meanwhile the City of Penticton has activated its Emergency […]


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