Aug 01, 2022

Que pasa

We had a lot of rain on July 17th, so much so that we didn’t need to water the garden for a few days.

Close up of the rain hitting the lake.

Our first zucchini, tiny tiny carrots, one radish and we didn’t know it then but almost the last of the peas on July 19th. The 100 – 104F temps of the past week have wrecked havoc with the garden despite watering.

The tomatoes didn’t look good then and they certainly don’t look any better now.

Next came the heat, the hot relentless sun. It was so hot that we had to cut the patio off as it was too hot for the girls feet. So Colin in the late afternoon would wet down the patio with the hose ( I know, waste of water ) so that they could go snake hunting.

Anything for the girls.

The day of the doxie pool party ( July 24th ) was the first ‘too’ hot day. Here Heather has ever so slowly moved her hands away from Ciela who swam on her own to the edge of the pool where I was waiting.

Carlie did not like her life vest, she seemed to flounder in it and her face kept going under the water.

I believe that this is the last photo I have to share from the pool party. Colin in the centre in the pith helmet with our two girls.

After over ten years this dinner plate cracked for no reason while in the microwave. It is microwave safe.

Interesting sunset July 28th.

This was taken last night, the sun reflecting off the smoke of the Apex Mountain fire. Yes we now have a few fires near to us. So far the air has remained mostly clear.


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  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Fun to see them swim, we had a mini that did not know how to swim at all!

  2. More hot days heading our way so I’m certain you will see them first.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time

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