Jul 27, 2022

There were weiners everywhere

Actually I took this one but I was using Colin’s camera – I think. Hmm, it probably was my camera.

So glad that you enjoyed part one. If you missed it click here. I took the photos for part 1 and Colin took the following.

Dachshunds come in all sizes and colours.

That is Ciela on the bottom in the pink collar. She enjoyed socializing the most.

This is a wired hair doxie. Our girls are smooth doxies and there are long haired ones as well with a large plume like tail.

The following photos taken by a few different people were shared on the Kelowna Dachshund Facebook page. So I borrowed some to show you how much fun we all had.

A wired haired, a smooth and a long haired.

A photo of Colin taking photos of us.

Coin went out to the car to drop something off and he was greeted by a lot of doxies, all barking.

Such a beautiful dog.

It was a very hot 102F/39C day. So glad that we had brought our umbrella. 41 or 42 dog owners has RSVP’d that they were coming, perhaps   because of the heat not so many actually came out. It was a pot lock so that did not affect the food. However I think many of us were looking forward to seeing 41 dachshunds running round and likely it would have been closer to 60 dogs as many of us have more than one and even more than two.

Someone took the group photo and Colin had asked to please take one with his camera. Because of the sun, etc, he able to play with it a bit ( highlights & shadows ) so that everyone was seen.

26 doxies on my count.

A bit larger but it is starting to get grainy at this point. That is Kalamalka Lake in the background, a lake of many colours.

We certainly had a wonderful time. Special thanks to Erin for hosting the event.


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  1. Jim and Barb says:

    That’s a lot of weiners! Hopefully everyone played well together and there was no nipping and fighting.

  2. If there was that much fun had with 26 Doxies it would have been wild to see 42 + Doxies.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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