Jun 24, 2022

Seems like we are always doing something

Sounds like me on some days.

A week ago today we went to visit our friend Tana. She is my hairdresser and now Colin’s. She also loves the girls And at this point she is in our will to get them should/when something happens to us.

We actually had someone last week ask to put them in our will to take the girls.

Ciela is now staring to jump on the back of the sofa and wants to walk on the top of their crate. After three strong verbal reprimands she seems to have stopped, at least for now.

Lettuce, radishes, basil and cilantro from our garden. tomatoes were from Costco. Hopefully in a few weeks we will have some from the garden.

Nap time for all but the photographer.

How wet has it been?

Well so wet that our lawn has different types of mushrooms sprinkled throughout.  The girls have eaten some of these and we have no idea if they are good or bad. Way too many for us to pull them out. Are they safe? I have no idea.

The gate has given us problems for over a year now and this time the handle fell right off. We found out from the manufacturer that unless the fence and all else was installed by them there is no warranty.  The company is a 90 minute drive from here!!! Of course we used a local contractor who sourced his materials from them.

Areas of the park needing to be pumped out from all that rain.

Got my new clothes dryer for the Isla. This one is stainless steel and will not / should not rust like the other did.  By using this here I plan to save some money by not using our propane dyer.

Ferne drove from Vancouver to attend RV school last week. We did have a lovely dinner together at the Greek House Restaurant and Wednesday afternoon she dropped in to visit the girls. The dinner last week was a huge thing for us, our first restaurant visit since March 2020. We did have that one, one hour, luncheon on the Isla outdoors, on the Isla in ? March but it was certainly not a busy indoor restaurant.

So much rain that my petunias are drowning. I deadheaded them yesterday and with a few days of ( fingers crossed ) heat in the forecast they should perk up soon.

The girls keep searching for the snake. I am glad that they have something active to do.

Cute graphic but I have to say that our two do not fart, they listen 50%, and they are 2000% in the kissing department.


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  1. Pauline Watson says:

    What a great post, loved it all!
    That cloud totally looks like Simba, lol.
    You can totally tell the girls love Tana, that’s awesome. 🙂
    In the farting department, Opal can sometimes be bad, phew!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

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