Jun 12, 2022

Things growing and some fun

Our three geese families paddled past the other night, one after the other. I think there were at least two or three goslings before.

One of the first families, growing so quickly.

So fun to watch.

Planted on Sunday June 5th and only four days later on Thursday the 9th, they have germinated and grown quickly. The ones we planted in the garden ( those that were not eaten ) are not this big. Maybe we need a green house. Not going to happen.

There was a garage sale here in the park yesterday ( Saturday ). So we took the girls and off we went looking for treasures.

We picked up these four barrel pots ( 22 inches across and 18 inches high ). Based on how we may be experiencing a shortage of food because of the increase in fuel prices and just shortage in general of things Colin thought these might come in handy to grow even more veggies. He also picked up a small garbage can with a lid and a garden hose at this same place.

I passed on these three nesting ceramic pots but at the end of the sale I went back and got them for 45% off. The colours fit in with our outdoor summer colour scheme. I also picked up two Mexican wine glasses that I liked as they had a small goblet ( means that I pour less wine ). We also picked up more plastic green fencing for the Isla. We were out for for close to three hours, stopped and chatted with so many people, some we knew and met new folks, Turns out that we needed everything that we bought even though when we started out not needing anything.

The girls were so very good, they only barked once at the beginning.

They were quite happy to just sit and wait for us.

As we rounded a corner this fellow was on our left.

And this couple was on our right. We certainly startled them into flight.

Looks like someone must have sold this home ( which was on the lake – I bet they are getting a new one ) and was having it moved by the new owners. We later saw its new location but today when we walked past, it had not been delivered yet. Hope the moving problems will be easily solved.

My first portulaca / moss rose. Looks like we will have to start eating some of this tender lettuce. That is a basil plant in the middle.

It was lovely having two warm and sunny days over the weekend but now the forecast is for heavy rain ( we even have a special weather statement to that effect ) and much cooler temperatures.  We had highs of 23C/73.4F and tomorrow we hope to get to 13C/55.4F.  Such a contrast 🙁



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3 Responses to “Things growing and some fun”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    I am sure it was not easy to move that house, quite the project. Love to see the gooslings.

  2. It’s surprising how quickly the Goslings grow.
    Nice the girls behaved themselves while you shopped.
    Looks like you got a few bargains.
    You are cooling down while we’re warming up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. Pauline Watson says:

    What great finds! 🙂
    Those green pots are so pretty, love the colour.
    Looks like the girls had fun too.

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