Jun 03, 2022

Duck poop, snakes and rain

Yesterday was a no post day mostly because I received a phone call at 6PM that went to 7PM and left me frustrated. It was a sales call from our internet provider, Shaw, offering me a new package as our plan was expiring in three months. The, what sounded like a young girl, had no idea what she was selling and lacked confidence but after 45 minutes with her I went for an upgrade to internet 600.  I suspected she made her living by getting commissions on the upgrades she made. Deal completed I moved on to start my evening at 7pm! She called back 10 minutes later and said that she could not sell me the updated package because we had an old system 😯 I was upset at having to lose one hour of my precious day.  That would have been my relaxing and reading time. Earlier in the day yesterday, I spent just over 90 minutes with Visa about an error they made on my account 🙁 Very long story ( like 90 minutes worth of my precious time ) they credited me $150.00 for nothing. I really was trying to tell them that they had made a mistake. Their loss. They could not see the error of their ways. I really dislike spending so much time of my day taking on these large companies and wasting my time. Customer service is not what it used to be. Next week I have to take on Telus and Shaw for issues with our new cell phone packages. I need to pace myself. However I usually come out ahead financially but really this should be part of the regular service that I pay for. Why does it almost always have to be a battle? So today between Visa & Shaw I made $277.16.

The forecast was for heavy rain, thunderstorms and possible hail. We had a brief period of no rain mid morning and that is when Mr & Mrs Duck came to visit. Of course the girls noticed and wanted out but we decided to not let them out. However the ducks continued to waddle from the lake almost to the shed. I decided to let them go, Ciela decided to hang back. Carlie barked and the ducks turned and started towards her, she backed up and barked loudly. Mr flew over her ( she crouched down ) and then Mrs followed her mate back to the lake. Ciela was out by now and they were sniffing everywhere that ducks had been. In a nano second Carlie found duck poop and rolled in it over and over. Ciela did the same thing but the guck was mostly on Carlie. Needless to say it was bath time. We washed them one at a time in the kitchen sink. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that Carlie still smelled a bit. She will get a second bath later – perhaps a mix of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish soap. It is mostly on her neck and face but oh so stinky. Duck poop is the worst.

Resting and warming up after the bath. But they don’t stay still for long.

Back outside to look for snakes!

Yes we have garter snakes living in the rocks and they love to curl up in the sun. The girls discovered them a few days ago and now ring the bell to go out often like at least every 30 minutes to go out. The snakes are black with yellow stripes. We have our irrigation system running thru a black tube between the rocks and the patio. The girls mistake that black PVC pipe for a snake over and over. We are constantly going out and telling them to not bark. Is is funny but of course we can’t allow them to bark like that.

Colin had a meeting and errands to do in Kelowna this afternoon so off he went in the rain. The girls hardly moved off their observation perch for close to four hours when he came home.They were so tired so I covered them. Every time a car drove past they lifted their heads to check.

This afternoon I spent another hour of my life on the phone with Shaw following up on last evenings call re our internet system. This lady was extremely knowledgeable about the Shaw products. After listening to the variety of options I made a decision and our new modem will be here next week. Details about the deal will be revealed next week. The rain was so heavy that the Shaw lady asked if I was standing next to a waterfall. I had to go into the bathroom so that we could hear each other. Colin arrived just as I was finishing my phone call. Of course the girls joyfully greeting their Dad added to the noise level.

It was raining so hard that Colin had to walk along the side of our home toward the lake and across the patio to get into the house. The water was at least three inches deep out front. It rained for another 90 minutes or more before is slowed down. Eventually the water level went down enough so he could get to the car to unload it. It is raining steadily again.

Surprise for me:-P We are having Chinese take out for dinner. Of course we will have to heat it up at dinner time. We have to deal with Carlie’s second bath first 🙄


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4 Responses to “Duck poop, snakes and rain”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Although Zoey would not have rolled in the poop, she would have eaten it. I am not sure which one is worse!

  2. Ans van Uffelen says:

    I have more success dealing with larger companies like internet, airlines, ADT etc. over their chat on their website than by telephone. It is less frustrating and you can even print your conversation.

    • contessa says:

      Good idea. Although here in Canada chat is much more limited, sort of robotic and then you only get so far and they then tell you to call a human.

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