May 30, 2022

Que Pasa

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. A special welcome to the comment section of my blog to Patrick. I could be wrong but I believe this is your first time commenting. Really funny comment ( I loved it ) but I only turned 69 – I thought it was 70 but I was wrong.  Must be my advancing senility 😆

I took this sometime last week. I thought it was funny that Ciela decided to nap on the door mat instead of her bed.

Not even half an hour later I caught Carlie napping with her back legs up in the air.

Remember this owl? His purpose is to keep the geese from visiting our lawn. He went missing in our last big storm. Pauline noticed when she was visiting. He will be missed. He was full of sand so very heavy.

In other news our lake is finally starting to go down. Did I mention that we saw a huge raccoon walking across our rocks. Last night I saw a cat.  Between all the wildlife including coyotes probably not a good idea to let your cat wander around. We are still dealing with hot water issues. Sometimes we have it and sometimes we don’t. Colin tried last night to run the tub and the kitchen sink at the same and that increase in flow gave us hot water 😀 The new circuit board was just ordered last Friday so we still have a few days to wait.

Colin has been doing many chores this past week. For some unknown reason to us, our composite steps began to look dirty when we come back from Mexico over the past six years. Colin spends hours trying to clean them with a variety of products including power washing. The other day he tried using a product ( new to us ) called Awesome. He let it soak in for a while then used a stiff brush. As you can see the board at the bottom of the photo is looking cleaner than the one next to it.  However I wonder if there is an easier method to clean composite steps and landings???

We all went in the golf cart to refill our BBQ propane tank. Any activity was behind us and Carlie missed nothing. She is a true observer of nature and people. Love her uplifted paw.

Over the last few years we have had little to almost no berries on our Mountain Ash. For the first time since we have had this tree it is full of blossoms.

These flowers are supposed to turn into berries during the fall. I certainly hope so. It would be wonderful to see this tree in red berries ( some are orange but ours are red ).

I was surprised to find the following photos in my camera. Thank you Colin for the sunset photos on May 27th. This tree is a late in having its leaves open.

Wow!  How did I miss this? I was probably in the tub with a book and a glass of vino blanco.

Just the one cloud all around us.





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8 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. We always get a kick out of watching the antics of animals and the ways of nature.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  2. Davy says:

    Awesome is also “awesome” at cleaning wheels, tar from roads and bugs from the front of cars and RVs. HOWEVER, it must be rinsed off painted surfaces very well and then rinsed again and one more time for good measure.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Beautiful sunset pictures! It was the berries on a Mountain Ash that the bear was eating last year when I came around the bush and scared him off.

    • contessa says:

      I know that we have coyotes around here but other than the odd bear on the rail trail, none here in the park. So happy that you do the sunrise shots and I do the sunset ones, works good for me.

  4. Pauline Watson says:

    I didn’t notice that your stairs were dirty, if you hadn’t mentioned it I wouldn’t have known the difference.
    Josh did notice they were composite though. Are you happy with them otherwise?
    I did manage to get some good up close pics of your honey locust, do you want them?
    I like the sunset through the tree 🙂
    Whos knows maybe your owl will still turn up. Maybe it sunk further out and you’ll find it when the water comes down more.

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