May 26, 2022

It was a whirlwind weekend…

..that includes two birthdays but more on that in the next posts.

In very early May I received an email that Sequoia, the third sister/triplet and her parents were coming for a visit arriving May 19th. They would be staying at an Airbnb and visiting with us during the day.

I suggested that we meet at an off leash dog park ( Ellison Dog Park – which is just behind the Kelowna International Airport ) so that the triplets could reacquaint in neutral territory. It worked out perfectly as you can see from the last post.

They simply kept chasing each other with the odd tumble here and there. We did go for a good walk and they all walked nicely.  This is our two in the front.

From there we went to visit Ancient Hill Winery that Pauline wanted to see. A lovely old fashioned winery.

Because of the dogs we did an outdoor tasting. Sequoia is being held by Pauline.

Colin sat to the side with Ciela and Carlie. We were traveling in two vehicles and C0lin was being cautious so I shared my tasting with him.  Many heavy dry wines here that did not appeal to us but the vista was wonderful. The vineyards are still awaiting some greenery.

The plan was to head back home for happy hour but there was just one more winery, the Vibrant Vine Winery, that was calling our name. Love these colourful chairs waiting to be put on onto the lawn on a hot summer day. They also have concerts during the summer, I would love to be sitting in one of these chairs with a glass of “Woops” enjoying a performance.

I went in with Josh and Pauline while Colin corralled the doxies. Ten dollars each is an expensive tasting but we were in a very special winery.

The Vibrant Winery is all about 3D. Everything inside is 3D including the wine labels, art work, etc. You are given a pair of 3D glasses with your entry fee. Excellent promotion in that you can use your tasting fee towards the purchase of one of their excellent bottles of wine.

Click here for link to the Vibrant Vine Winery. You must read about how they became ‘ Winner “Best White Wine in the World” Beverage Competition’ in Geneva, Switzerland , 2013. Then there is the story of the Woops/Oops wine label – yes upside down.  Hard to track down the full story online. Click here for a great explanation. The label was upside down in error. They won both best wine and best label.  Great place to visit.

Once I came out, Colin went in.  I did a good job of caring for the triplets and they totally listened to me. We brought home one bottle of “the Mask ” and Pauline came home with three bottles.

Back home the girls enjoyed getting to know each other more.

Stayed tuned for more of the busy whirlwind weekend.


PS…….. Our hot water heater is not doing well. The plumber was here again today for a few hours.  A new circuit board has been ordered from California. Something was rigged up to give us temporary hot water. It works about 40% of the time. Such is life.





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5 Responses to “It was a whirlwind weekend…”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    What a great visit for the girls! I love wine and wineries, Barb, not so much!

  2. Looks like the girls are having fun.
    I remember our Wine Tasting Days before Kathy’s meds ended that.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your visit.

    It’s about time.

  3. Pauline Watson says:

    I highly recommend this winery! It was such a great atmosphere and the art work around the walls was fun to look at too.
    I’m so happy you brought us here 🙂
    I technically came home with 4 bottles because I received on for free.

    I hope the hot water gets sorted out soon.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Oh I missed your birthday, I hope it was a good one! Nice wineries to visit 🙂

  5. SandyM says:

    Enjoyed all the photos! The 4th one down was wonderful to see….you with a big smile on your face with your friends. Great you had such a fun week-end.

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