May 19, 2022

Que pasa

The lake rose another few inches but there is a long way to go to get to the flooding stage and we are certain that that will not happen.

Mr Plumber never showed up with his bill today, said he will see us next week. I am quite happy to wait before I see the amount owing. But Mr. RV Blind Repair did did show up and only 30 minutes late.  He decided that the blind was too large to repair on site and he would do it at home. We will see it again next week.

This window is at least 4.5 feet wide and perhaps 4′ tall. The string on one side broke halfway down. So we have been unable to use the blind. Of course it happened on our way back home in April. It will be nice to have it repaired.

Cummins came through and will pay our fuel bill to pick up the RV which was $261.41CAD.  However they had to convert it to USD to credit our Visa. Which means that once it goes through it will converted back to Canadian dollars again. It will be interesting to see how much we lose with all these conversions.

Finally the weather was stable enough for Colin to plant the tomatoes both here on the patio and in the garden this morning. Five plants in each area.

Later we got my mini muffin tin out of the RV as it is perfect for the smaller dog balls and the find the treat game. I still put a piece of kibble or small Charlie Bear treat in the empty spots. Most of the spots just had a tiny piece of kibble.

They have not yet figured out to use their teeth to pick up and move the ball. Instead they are using their long noses to push the balls aside. However the ball then jumps to an empty spot so they keep moving the balls over and over.  Fun for all of us.

We had quite the big rain storm late this afternoon. Colin ran out to put large plastic bags over the patio  tomatoes as the wind is so bad off the lake. However the wind came from the north and blew all the bags away. We did manage to find them and keep them from going into the lake.

Taken from inside. So interesting to watch the wind pushing the water away from our house. If you look  at yesterdays post you will see the waves crashing over the patio.

Finally the calm at the end of the storm.

The May long weekend starts tomorrow and it promises to be a very fun time for us and hopefully for you. Stay tuned.







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4 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. Looks like you continue to be busy with the Gardening and the girls.
    Restringing RV Shades is actually quite simple. I normally laid the larger ones on the Bed and did all the strings at the same time. A lot cheaper then having a company do it for you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Spring weather.

    It’s about time.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Great idea with the muffin tins!

  3. SandyM says:

    The last sunset picture is beautiful – I love everything about it.

  4. Lucy says:

    Howdy !

    Cute picture of the girls searching for treats.

    LOVE ‘ the calm at the end of the storm ‘, such beautiful & serene view, to me is @ framing picture.

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