May 08, 2022

Finally our garden has been planted

Colin spent three days preparing our garden plot. He had to remove debris such as many dead leaves, remove the weeds and turn the soil . That is a huge job.

It looks so very tidy.

The new front fence that Colin found.  If you recall our fencing and gate had been destroyed in a wind storm last fall  when a tree fell across our garden. Nothing is wasted here in our park and what someone does not need any longer is placed in a certain area.  Colin found these two white trellis fences and with using an extra piece of dog fencing we have a temporary gate.

Someone suggested that we add Sea Compost which will enrich our soil as we have used it for two seasons already. It has kelp and fish guts in it.  It does not smell fishy at all.  Sea Compost is a great option, because it contains shrimp it will provide a great source of calcium which helps to create stronger cell walls. Why does this matter? Think blossom end rot, yucky weak walls and black spots. Sufficient calcium in the soil is one of the primary solutions for this problem. So Colin found some and mixed it into our garden soil.

Yesterday  ( Saturday, May 7th ) was the day to plant as it was supposed to be a good day. Well it was very cool and we had rain showers off and on. At one point I wore a sun hat and then had to use the hood of my jacket to avoid the rain. Flexible was the word of the day. We did have to leave the garden and return home for an hour before competing the planting.

Colin got this photo of me planting the carrots. We spent more and got the taped carrot seeds, so much time and back ache saved from having to cull seedings. We do have other carrots planted in another  area of the garden that we will have to cull.

So happy to have the garden planted. We are holding back on cucumbers and tomatoes. The weather is still nasty. Tonight the forecast is 2C  with risk of frost.

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5 Responses to “Finally our garden has been planted”

  1. Jannose says:

    Always nice to get the job done. I am hoping to get ours planted today before the rain.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Your garden does look nice and tidy 🙂 Happy planting and even happier harvesting!

  3. Always nice to learn about working the soil and watching as nature rewards your hard work.
    The Weather Network is saying La Nina is going to hang around which will affect the summer weather.
    Looks like Bigfoot was checking out your work. LOL!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  4. Jim and Barb says:

    Wow, that is quite the garden! Hope you have a successful growing season and a huge bounty!

  5. Judith says:

    Beautiful beds. I am envious.

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