May 06, 2022

We finally have some babies

It’s 9:50PM and I am eating my dinner at my desk to get this post out to you. No I am not sleeping at my desk like this doxie.

I was ready to write this at 8PM but Safari could not find the server to my blog, it must have been down.  So instead I went to have a hot soak in the tub.  Well our hot water on demand heater had other ideas. This has happened perhaps 2 -3 times per month over the past year. Colin simply goes outside and resets it and then we have hot water again. In fact when he went to run his bath first tonight there was no heated water. The reset worked for him but not for me. It eventually worked and I had a warm to hot bath, I prefer it as to be as hot as I can sit in. We had an appointment for June 3rd for servicing. Colin called today ( the system went down three times yesterday ) and they are now coming Tuesday on an urgent basis. Hopefully it can be repaired as our unit is no longer made and is currently sitting in a custom made addition to our house complete with that same siding. The new models are much larger so let’s hope that we can get this one repaired. Not only is the hot water heater no longer being made nor is our colour of siding 😯

Our weather has been coolish with a good deal of wet stuff falling. Certainly not a typical Okanagan May. Hopefully it will pick up. We have special company going for the May long weekend. Plus it will be our parks first garage sale since the summer of 2019. As well there is a snowbird  dinner and dance.  Not fun if it is wet and cold.

These two continue to do what the other does. Those are supposed to be worn as sweaters, not long skirts.

My desk heater which they will sit beside when they come in out of the cold.

Our first view of the new babies. We still only have the one couple and one loner, same as last spring. The wind was up and the waves were pushing them about a bit and they ended up on or beach to give the littles ones a rest.

Just the seven. However I thought I saw them again yesterday – passing by at beach level which I could not easily see and there were only five goslings. I really hope that I am wrong about that.

Colin went to prep the garden. Thing like picking up all the dead leaves, the weeds and turning the soil. These two never left this area for over two hours. Ciela eventually fell asleep while her sister kept guard.

The conditions of late have been perfect for those living in Alberta to see the northern lights. They were seen a few times from the higher elevations here in Kelowna. I have seen them when I lived in Edmonton but Colin has never seen them. Of all the great photos I have seen, this is the very best. Scott Lake Hill is on Highway 1 – The TransCanada Highway between Calgary and Canmore near Morley, Alberta. Definitely something we want to see sooner than later.

Time for me to go cuddle one of my puppies.







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3 Responses to “We finally have some babies”

  1. Catheline says:

    Sorry to hear about your hot water situation, funny thing is I went to take my shower yesterday, which is not an easy task for me, and I had no hot water, very frustrating.
    The northern lights are breath taken.
    That Colin sure has a lot of get up and go. Do you lend him out at all? LOL

    Love reading your blog,

  2. jean says:

    Thanks for sharing the photo of Scott hill. I always knew I was almost home when we reached the top.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    So cool to see geese babies. We are away for a week but I hope I see babies when we return to the park.

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