May 03, 2022

Late night Monday

I had a different plan for this post but when I went to download my photos from the camera these four shots appeared. I think Colin was sending me a message.

Yesterday, Monday the 2nd of May was quite the day for me. I spent hours holding on the phone to get through to people I needed to speak with. My day ran late then later and later. Colin kept saying he was hungry and I said I would be right there. We ended up having a quick dinner of veggie burgers which he prepared and patiently waited for me.

One of the girls was sleeping in the bed by the fireplace.

The second girl was in a bed in front of our green loungers where we were going to have dinner and catch 30 minutes of TV.

Here is the third girl, sitting at her computer way late doing a blog post.

I think Colin was tying to tell me that I need to change my timing on what I do at night. Sadly today, Tuesday, I had the same kind of day, lots of phone calls and waiting on hold. These are things that I have no control over, be it something via email that needs to be dealt with, a request from someone re a future meeting, dealing with a banking problem ( not our fault at all ) and having a discussion with our lawyer and so on. I don’t remember being so busy at this time of year. I still haven’t even dealt with all my Mexican paperwork yet.

Dinner was delayed yet again until 10PM tonight. I have two minutes to post this before midnight. I will check in again tomorrow. My bed is calling me.

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6 Responses to “Late night Monday”

  1. In a world that has supposedly made things easier for all of us to use things have become more complicated. Take a break now and then. It will help speed things up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Yes much more complicated. We are having lots of rain so I am hoping to be caught yp by the end of the weekend.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    I sure hope things slow down soon for you!

  3. Contessa that was a message and so nicely done! Poor Colin starving and poor you trying to solve all problems and writing a blog to boot. Hope you get to relax soon.

    • contessa says:

      I thought so as well Marlene. So I am attempting to stop earlier now unless it is imperative that I continue. But there is always seems to be something.

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