May 02, 2022

Busy May 1st

While I slept in Sunday morning Colin was out spray painting our patio furniture to give it a newish look.

Lots of work as he had to first deconstruct the chairs. It was the perfect day with heat and blue skies.

The only two geese on the entire lake.

Later in the day we started to plant our flowers. The girls were doing a great job as supervisors.

Carlie rests but Ciela never stops poking her nose wherever she can.

Carlie in a deep sleep.

Because of my mistake in counting, we had to back to the nursery to get four more flower plants for the one large container that I missed. We did need more soil for the tomatoes which we have not yet planted so it was not a wasted trip. We have not even started on our veggie garden yet.

These folks we out on the lake for at least three hours. Oh to be young again.

Carlie was a very bad girl. I was sitting at my desk with Ciela on my lap when I heard Carlie bark. She was on top of her crate  ( she got up there from the sofa ) and before I could jump up or yell at her she jumped down to the hardwood floor. OUCH! She seemed okay at the time and still does. More supervision on our part required.

Just at dusk this evening Colin was outside and I was in the house.  We both saw what we think are two beavers.  The one on the left is our normal guy while the one on the right appears to be a second beaver.  They were travelling at the same speed and both stayed above the water. Interesting.

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  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Bad Carlie! She does look pretty comfortable relaxing in the back yard though!

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