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Apr 17, 2022

Happy Easter



Apr 15, 2022

Is the third time the charm?

Yesterday morning Cummins made the decision to tow the RV to a highly rated Cummins facility in Kamloops, B.C., about 167 kms/104 miles away. A very long tow, based on the prices in the US, this would be a $4,000.00 tow at the least.  There was a good deal of back and forth re a regular […]


Apr 13, 2022

We still have a glitch with the RV

We do not know what it is, a sensor, a broken wire, something electrical but we know that the engine is good. We fully unloaded the RV, washed everything that could be washed but did not have time to clean the inside before we had to move it back to storage due to park rules. […]


Apr 11, 2022

We made it home safe and sound

We woke up yesterday, April 10th, to 27F outside and 39F inside. None of us wanted to get up. Colin bravely did and turned on the furnace and our Mr. Buddy. We were thirty minutes late but on the road at 8:05AM. Exactly 20 minutes later the same troublesome check engine light came on 🙁 […]


Apr 09, 2022

Unexpected events

Thursday started off with a huge glitch which is why I did not post last night, I was exhausted. The same engine trouble light come on just as we started the RV and there was no power. It was just after 7AM and Colin called Cummins in Las Vegas. The decision was made to send […]


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