Apr 30, 2022

Where did April go?

No matter what we are doing as long as the twins are together they are happy.

It wasn’t until I started editing photos for this post that I realized how very busy we have been. We only got home on the 10th of April and of course that meant unloading, laundry, etc. The RV was towed to Kamloops on the 14th and as far as we know no one has looked at it yet.

Some of these dates may be out of order but I know that you will figure it out. I completed the year end on the 22nd ( balanced to the penny ) and was sent by Fed Ex to our accountant in Vancouver.

The girls had their first annual vet visit on Saturday the 23rd. They did see this vet before we left for Mexico and he will be their regular vet.

From the vets office we had our second doxie meet up at another off leash small dog park. Ciela is being submissive here. There were close to 20 doxies, all different colours and types. I loved the all creme one and the long haired red pup.

Heather had arranged our first doxie meet up on the 16th as well as our second meet up on the 23rd. Various folks come from the Kelowna Daschund Club which I have already posted about. Our girls and another mini doxie hit it off so Shawney and her mom Heather came to visit us here the next day on Sunday the 24th.

Shawney is all black and is about four months younger than our girls and they all weigh the same.  They ran for a very long time.

They truly had a wonderful few hours together.

We were up very early the next morning, Monday the 25th. My hairdresser was fitting us in at 9AM because we had missed our appointment. We were ever so grateful.  The girls know Tana so it was a great reunion for all. This was the only photo I took. Colin walked them while she did my hair, then she did his and finished with me.

Later the afternoon of the 25th I had my second leg done, I got in on a cancellation. Meanwhile we had left the girls with Heather & Shawey on a playdate/babysitting outing. Each needle is an ouch!

Only about 40 needles on my left leg, I had over 60 on my right leg on the 19th. I did not get any photos of the girls at Shawney’s home. But we did stop for groceries before we picked up our girls so I wasn’t thinking about anything but getting home. Do you see why I have been so tired lately?

Finally the next morning, the 26th I started my face treatment. I have waited over 12 months for this appointment. This was taken a few days later. It will get worse before it gets better. Plus I have to go back as some areas were missed. Grrr!

I purchased a new iPhone SE 3rd generation and signed up with Shaw directly after the face treatment. My phone needed to be upgraded. Not a good idea when the pain kicked in. But we were there and committed.  We are looking forward to using their CAD/US and Mexico phone plan when we next travel to Mexico. Colin has since ordered the same iPhone and we need to find time to get that set up.

Wednesday the 27th our lawn guy showed up and pruned two branches off our Honeylocust. Colin does not like to cut major branches, that way if won’t be his fault if something goes wrong 🙂

Colin did have a ladder delivered this past Wednesday as well to get his annual tree pruning job done.

The girls did the best they could to help.

Looking so much better. Colin was disappointed that I never got a photo of him high up on the tall ladder. Sorry.

Thursday the 28th was a very early morning.  We had hired a new window washing company back in October and have had to change their appointment several times because of our delay. Only one person arrived and was surprised at the number and height of our windows. He was here until noon despite having another job scheduled at 10AM. Chris did a fabulous job for us and of course I was too distracted to take photos but they are every so clean.

Friday the 29th we had an unexpected business meeting in the afternoon. We left the girls on their own at home and they didn’t bark too much. We did check on them online thru the camera we had set up.

Today, Saturday the 30th, Colin did lots of odd jobs both outside and inside. I guess I am forgetting to take photos. We headed out late in the afternoon to pick up flowers – I bought for five pots while Colin picked up tomato plants. The nursery was close to being sold out but they have more coming in, in about a week. We got home and Colin said that we have six pots along the patio not five so we have to go back. The girls were on their own and did not bark once.

As I was writing this Colin mentioned that we had our first sighting of the beaver. I caught a glimpse but he was too far to the left to get a good photo.

No wonder I have run out of energy. We have only been home 20 days and look at all we have accomplished in only the last fifteen days. There is another doxie get together at someones home tomorrow afternoon but we are not going. You should see Colin’s list of to do’s 😯

Sweet Ciela has finally started playing with toys. She took this one to her bed for a nap. All of our other girls have been toy dogs but not theses two. I think they just need each other.





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  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Ouch, those Dr. appointments look painful! I bet it is nice being home watching things transition into spring!

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