Mar 27, 2022

Breaking News !

We have a breakdown. Thank goodness for the portable generator.

The problem started the day we left the Isla about 4:45PM ( Wednesday the 23rd ).  We had already dealt with the tire issue.

We lost air in one tire about 2:30pm. Got that dealt with and also checked that there was no nail nor screw in the tire.

We only had one hour to go to reach our first overnight stop ( KM 75 ). Suddenly the RV lost power and Colin was able to glide to the edge of the road. He called Freightliner in Kelowna and went thru a few scenarios.  The fellow gave us a few suggestions said we were good to go till we got to the US ( turns out that was not the problem).


Eventually we had to open the window awnings on the other side as well.

Next day the RV lost power a few more times. Colin kept an eye on his gauges and the temperature and after a few minutes we were good to keep driving. Over the next few days the RV lost power more often each day. We were told by someone in Ajo who looked at the engine that it appeared to be a loose fuel line to the injector – whatever that means. He thought we would make it to Vegas. We also spoke with Cummins.

We put the pen out for the girls but it is much too hot for them even in the shade.

Tried a few places on Saturday and no one would look at the problem. We spent the night in Quartzsite. This morning we left the RV park at 9:45AM and  drove exactly 12.1 miles before we lost power. This time the engine did not want to restart. Colin went back to look and he could see fuel dripping. Not safe to drive with diesel fumes.

So the girls rested inside. We also had a fan pointing up at them to keep them cool.

First thing we did was call Good Sam. It took literally two hours to come up with a plan. They had no idea where we were or what to do. Basically we were just a few miles north on Arizona 95 – just out of Quartzite. My Mexican SIM card was still working and so we had two iPhones to work with. Colin dealt with Good Sam. I called around looking for a mobile mechanic.  It is a Sunday and we really are in the middle in nowhere in a hot dessert.

About 3PM I made cheese quesadillas on the gas stove top and sat with some wine and began to work on the post.

One mobile mechanic was 3 hours out.  We eventually sent him photos and he said it could not be fixed roadside. It would have to be towed in. He was there till 5PM.  Good Sam would only tow us 25 miles. Then it took at least another dozen phone calls to discover that there was only one tow truck in the entire area ( including nearby California ) that was capable of towing us.  He was supposed to be here before 4:30PM. It is that time right now as I am typing. The mechanic leaves at 5PM so we will be towed to a truck shop and spend the night. Thank goodness that we have the generator, it is 92F outside in the shade and 83F inside the RV with the slides in and the back half of the RV closed off.

Engine photo that we sent to the mechanic.

It took over two hours to come up with a plan and get Good Sam to approve the tow.  We would have had to pay over $1200.00 USD to be towed to Lake Havasu where they might have been able to fix us today.  But we never got into the type of tow vehicles available on a Sunday. Plus it was way too much money for something that might not work. It was extremely frustrating to not be able to count on Good Sam. Fortunately we were able to come up with a solution on our own. I of course had to cancel the carpet cleaning I had scheduled for tomorrow as well as the mobile mechanic we had coming and the Las Vegas Resort RV park.

The huge  tow truck just arrived. Still hooking up at 5:20PM.  No idea what lies ahead. Hope to know more tomorrow morning. Turns out the this tow truck driver has never dealt with an RV like ours – independent front suspension. Fingers crossed. Hope we get to the truck stop before dark.

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10 Responses to “Breaking News !”

  1. Lucy says:

    Prayers for U 4; hoping U get the RV fixed ASAP.

  2. Kay says:

    OMG… sounds like a sensor is bad so when you’re calling for mobile service ASK that they have something to test the sensors with them when they show up!!! I’ve been there and done that 3 times and I have learned the hard way.

    Too bad ya didn’t come my way, I have space here and a darn good RV mobile guy.

  3. The fact that you are loosing power and found dripping fuel sounds like a connection, Injector or leaky line. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s the first or third issue because the second one is expensive.
    Be Safe!

    It’s about time.

  4. Cindy says:

    Hope you made it safe to somewhere and can get the motorhome fixed soon! ?

  5. Jim and Barb says:

    Oh man, hopefully it is a quick and inexpensive fix and you are back on the road soon!

  6. SandyM says:

    RV’ers are problem solvers…..all the time. You and Colin are two of the best. It will cost you time, give you frustration, and take your dollars but you are safe and together and there is a lot to be said for that. I hope you continue to stay safe and well. As always Traveling Mercies for you on this and every day.

  7. jim Davis says:

    Contessa, I hear you regarding Good Sam, we had them when we 1st started RVing, Took forever to get a mobile tech and when they did show up they were not qualified to fix the problem. Happened twice. We then switched to CoachNet and had no more issues. We lost an injector going into Page AZ, called CoachNet and they sent a Landall trailer to put the bus on and take it to Kanab UT where the nearest diesel shop was. Bus was a 41 ft Beaver Monterey that weighed 36K. Could not be towed from the front without damage. I backed the bus on the Landall trailer and they took it to Kanab with no damage. Good luck.

    • contessa says:

      We have always used Good Sam but that is about to change. I will be looking into CoachNet very soon, it is on my to do list. It was very very tricky to tow ours from the front. It took close to two hours to hook it up properly, I don’t think every driver has the same expertise. We now need to be towed again and they are going to try and get us on a trailer. Problem is that we have no power to back up easily. Please let us know if you have any further suggestions. We really appreciate your input.


  8. Doug Laning says:

    So sorry this happened. I know just how you feel. Don’t read my blog on my recent breakdown near Casa Grande . It will only scare you. I hope the fix is simple and quick and you’re on your way soon.

  9. Croft says:

    I am just catching up, I was busy the past couple of days and got behind. My first thought was you had a bad alternator. Almost the same thing happened to me in New Mexico. It would run for a while, then quit. The alternator was not charging the battery and it would quit. After a while the solar would charge the battery enough to carry on until the next dead battery stall.

    BCAA will tow you 90 miles (I think), We had to be towed 105 miles but the driver said it was close enough and did not charge us the extra. Might be worth looking into changing service providers.

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