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Feb 19, 2022

Que pasa

There are a number of things happening around here that are taking my time and energy, hence fewer posts. Today is a good day, I am almost caught up to my emails but as I said before I will answer them all eventually. I believe that the longest person waiting has been Don ( and […]


Feb 17, 2022

Special February 14th walk

Only I did not go on this walk. So it was Colin and the girls, photos take with his larger Canon camera. I only just saw these tonight. Wonderful photos of our chocolate stash at the beach.    


Feb 14, 2022

Happy Valentines Day Everyone


Feb 10, 2022

Come and watch the girls run the beach


Feb 09, 2022

Colin and I agree

This sunset taken on Sunday February 6, tops anything we have ever seen here on the Isla. We must be in the midst of sunset perfection. The last sunset posted a few days ago was the best ever and here two days later we have this. I have no words. Do you have a favourite […]


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