Jan 22, 2022

The twins, Bella & Carl

Just some cute photos of the twins taken by Colin over the past two weeks.

Nap at the back of the RV, where the sun is the warmest in the morning. Love Carlie’s leg over Ciela. You can really see the milk chocolate and the dark chocolate in their coats.

Bella and Carl were the second RVers into this park back in 2004 when it opened. It wasn’t long after that I read about this place, Tres Amigos RV Park  and thought it would be a great place to go. However over that first year I read a few very negative reviews including one about smell and pollution so we decided to pass. I later discovered that those were false complaints. We continued to travel all over Mexico and eventually Acapulco became our winter home for four winters.  That is another 858 miles/1378 kms south from Mazatlan. The drive from our home in Canada to Mazatlan is 1631miles/2625kms so a very long 2487 mile drive to Acapulco from home. The roads were and are likely still  in very poor condition especially the coastal road which is single lane, no place to pass and thousands of topes with a driving speed of 25 – 40 mph. We loved it but we were younger. The winter of 2009 my mother was very ill. We stopped here at Tres Amigos and liked it. We were torn as to continue on to Acapulco or to stay here. We made a very long pro/con list. We decided to stay based on the fact that we were only 30 minutes from the Mazatlan airport as opposed to the RV park, Playa Luces, in Pie de la Cuesta, Acapulco which is a three hour drive to the airport. Because of my mom’s health we choose to stay and that was the beginning of our time here. We moved to our current site in 2011.

The winter of 2009 we stayed in the second rv park here ( it is one park but with with two locations separated by a city block ). We moved to RV1 in 2010 and were parked in the front row right next to Bella & Carl. They were the best neighbours ever. We had Carmeh and Caeli back then and they fell in love with Bella & Carl and vice versa. Soon Bella & Carl stopped driving all the way here from Manitoba and started renting a condo in Mazatlan. They would visit us every single winter and the girls went wild with love once they saw them.

Bella and Carl came to visit on January 10th. They were eager to meet our new girls. Love at first sight all the way around.

The treats they were getting was just their regular kibble.

A great time was had by all. We will be seeing Bella and Carl next month before they return to Canada.

This visit lifted my spirits. I am eager to see how the girls react to their next visit. 



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  1. rocmoc says:


  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Interesting history on how you came to stay at that park and make some new friends. It is amazing how friends can change your perspective on a location. They are another reason you look forward to going down every year!

  3. SandyM says:

    But the kibble just tastes so good when it is hand fed. Wonder if that could be a quote from your girls? Great photos.

  4. Catheline says:

    The pups have grown so much! They look like they are enjoying life in Mexico.

    • contessa says:

      They are very happy here, we hope they will still like being back in Canada. They are so very long, can’t believe, I should measure them again.

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