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Jan 31, 2022

Calendar photos 2022 / January

For the past few years we have used travel photos to depict each month. Well now that we have Covid babies, photos of the girls will just have to suffice.  


Jan 30, 2022

January 17th beach walk at the rocky end of the beach

These were taken with Colin’s camera. We walked down and stood as they ran back and forth, same as last time. We changed things up on the next visit to the beach. Stay tuned for those photos.  Meanwhile enjoy these.


Jan 29, 2022

Even more miscellaneous Isla photos


Jan 28, 2022

Girls on the beach

They did not want to stop and it took time to catch them, Carlie has become very good at evading us. We finally caught them and started to walk back and then they just yelled, screamed and howled and pulled and pulled. Rather embarrassing to walk back in front of all the restaurants with their […]


Jan 27, 2022

Bees in the palm tree

***Quick correction, the first photo in my last post was not the hotel but the apartment building. Apparently they are all two bedroom and very nice.  The hotel is closer to Chivos. How lucky for us to see this close up. A special opportunity to see nature up close. This was a first for both […]


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