Dec 28, 2021

What we saw from our garden December 19th

Colin has been walking the girls separately for a few days now. Individually they are doing well.

We were relaxing with a coffee when Colin spotted whales in the far distance. There were at least three different ones that we saw.

They were breaching and having a lot of fun. I was luck to get these shots.

Dec. 19 was the Sunday before Christmas. The beach was busy with locals and tourists.

Someone stole my chair when I got up to take photos.

Lots of pelicans flying around and diving for fish.

Shrimp boat in the background as well as a banana boat.

Sailboat, banana boat and a horse.

Later in the day I took one of the girls and headed north along the beach. Colin was supposed to come with the other pup and walk behind us. But somehow he got a bit ahead of me and here the one sister sees her sister. So we walked together and the girls did very well. It was only a short walk but progress.

The start of a lovely sunset and the end of a great day.

To the left of the building in the centre of the photo above is a palm tree. Since 2009 I have taken photos with this tree in it. Last year while we were stuck in Canada an apartment building was built as well as a small hotel.

This was taken December 14th, 2018.  I much prefer this natural vista.



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4 Responses to “What we saw from our garden December 19th”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Awesome beach shots and the whale sighting is very cool!

  2. Pauline Watson says:

    Lucky getting to see the whales. Hopefully you’ll have more encounters.
    I’m enjoying all the pictures 🙂 !!!

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