Dec 22, 2021

Everyday is a new canvas of special moments

They did play in their cat tunnel for a while. Something different for them to to.


We keep a dog bed outside next to their carpet and they use it to rest, nap on and sometimes part of wrestling match. Carlie likes to lay here and keep an eye on her yard.

Friends dropped in for a welcome back drink. We will see them again soon.

One of two cruise ships leaving port that evening.

Such a heavy load to push up and down the beach to make some pesos. But pulling it backwards to get to the main road takes even more energy.

Sweet Ciela.

How cute. Colin moved the bed to the back of the site so that could get more sun first thing in the morning.

They refer to tussle ocean side.

Sunset reflection.




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  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Nice to see you are all enjoying your time there. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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