Nov 24, 2021

A bit of a medical situation

First of all thank you all for you concerns, personal emails and blog comments. Right now that is what is keeping us going.  It has been a constant phone call after phone call since this happened.  I will do a post with all the que pasa of the situation. Suffice to say that as of 1PM this afternoon we have a new and workable plan. Details in the next post.

Of course it is all based on the delivery of parts on Friday. Shipping is just over $600.00. If they show up then comes the next part.

This afternoon Colin was walking the girls while I was still working out the details of the new plan. He quickly came back saying that Carlie who was in front had eaten a few kibble from a large pile of kibble in the middle of the street. Who leaves kibble in the street? To poison dogs, coyotes or rabbits? He rushed the girls home. I went online and he checked with a few other RVers. I did not like what I saw. We should be taking the dog to a vet ASAP. We are in such a remote area that there is no vet, never mind doctor nor a pharmacy. We called our vet back home. They had closed but he was still there and took our call. He said to get Carlie to a vet asap, not possible. He suggested that we give 9 ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to Carlie to induce vomiting.  I did not have any and of course there is no pharmacy here. He was appalled as to where we were. Colin had some 3% Hydrogen Peroxide in his basement ares for our water tank – thank you ever so much Jack.

Gosh it took only 3 minutes before she started to vomit. It was not nice to watch, as she totally emptied everything in her stomach. She was rather dazed. But we did find the three pieces of different kibble so she should be alright as it had not yet gotten into her system. Does the drama ever stop?

Monday afternoon we were able to move directly across the road from the auto/rv repair shop to an RV park.

So tonight I was going to write a post about our mechanical issues. Sorry but I have nothing left in me, I am totally drained.

Such a special sunset.

As of early afternoon today we finally have a plan for repairs. We have to travel 80 miles to Yuma and will have tow trucks on standby. Not a safe trip. Details in the next post.

I want to wish a most special Happy Thanksgiving from my heart to all my American friends. Thank you for your constant support. You have more than helped us through this situation. We even got an email from a wonderful Canadian couple in Canada who are offering to bring down RV parts to us. We have had Americans who are in Mexico trying to find a shop to do our repairs, someone else doing research on our specific problem and a very special lady, Kay, who has offered us her home, her space for our RV and anything we might need. They as well as all of your comments and emails have kept us going. We have had many issues over the years, I think this is the worst but Colin says no, we have worse in past years, such as the fall of 2019 ( last trip before Covid ). We needed a new radiator and many other issues came up. I think that as I age I do not take stress as well.

The main purpose of this post was to wish my American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy every moment and create some special memories.  Hugs to you all.

Please forgive any errors, grammar or spelling mistakes.  It is 10PM and I really need to eat for the first time today.

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20 Responses to “A bit of a medical situation”

  1. Oh Contessa, I’m so sorry for this trying journey. One of the pictured cactus says it all “fu($” Once you arrive, you will have a wonderful time in Mexico. Hopefully BC will be back to normal when you return.

    Hears is with you and your pup

    • contessa says:

      Hola MAry-Ann. Nice to have you along. Poor BC, everyone has been thru so much. Will we ever get back to normal what with the fires and no horrific floods. I certainly hope that this will not be our new norm.

  2. Deb says:

    A trying year of travel for you and Colin for sure. However you are strong, smart, and determined and so will do what must done to make your dreams come true. Keep imagining in your mind the end results, the beautiful beach with breathtaking views, warm trade winds, your wonderful friends visiting, and so on and before you know it your dreams will be reality. Keep safe.

    • contessa says:

      Yes I keep visualizing us walking the beach with the girls and it does help. I appreciate your words of support but I am human and can only take so much at a time. Hoping all goes well moving forward.

  3. Sandie says:

    I am so happy you got the kibble out of Carlie. Hope she is still doing good. And I am so sorry for all the issues and stress you’ve had. Here’s hoping that Yuma can be an easy journey and a great fix.

    • contessa says:

      Carlie is fully back to normal. I felt so cruel giving her that stuff. Yes fingers crossed for the drive to Yuma and the install. Nice to have a few days off to do things like cleaning and laundry.

  4. phyllis Schmitz says:

    Stay strong and keep going.

  5. Potential crisis averted by your quick action. Thank goodness Carlie is fine. As to the other RV problems, you will get through it, I am sure. There is always the potential for unexpected problems and fixes when traveling long distance and you mastered all before. Try to take it all in stride (its all just extra costs, isn’t it?) Hope you will be underway soon and wishing you a relaxing trip from now on!

    • contessa says:

      FYI, it is one teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide per 5lbs to make the dog vomit. I gave her 9ml. It worked very quickly. I hope taht you never have to deal with this problem. We ope that things will work out, first thing is for the 108lbs of parts to arrive Friday.

  6. Evelyn L Wood says:

    Long time blog reader. I’m in La Posa south and will be heading to Yuma tomorrow, Nov 26. I can follow you down if you like. And if there’s anything else I can do for you let me know.

    • contessa says:

      Lovely to get a comment from you. Nice to know that you are out there.

      Really appreciate your offer, more than you can know. However we are not leaving Q until Sunday, the 28th. We plan to drive directly to the truck centre doing the install and will spend the night in their lot. Fingers crossed that it all get done the same day.

  7. Linda Sand says:

    I wish I could hug you. Please, know that we all care.

  8. Cindy Mensies says:

    Thanks for the update…been thinking of you 4! So sorry to hear about Carlie…yikes! Who would do that to any animal! So glad she is ok a s back to normal! So hope the parts arrive and they fix your up and your on your way to Mazatlan! When you finally get there you four can relax! Hang in there…will be praying for safe travels for Sunday!??????

    • contessa says:

      Today is the day for the parts to arrive. Fingers crossed, the UPS update merely says ‘on the way’. Thank you for the prayers for Sunday.

  9. SandyM says:

    Dear Contessa, you take good care of the girls and Colin as he does you and the girls. Please take good care of you too, as not eating for a whole day is not good for you. You need a bit of breakfast and a bite of lunch, too, and also some dinner. Your body need fuel to run on each day. Also sending hugs just because hugs make one feel better.

    • contessa says:

      Your hugs are one the those very special ones. I know I should eat but when we are at the degree on intensity trying to get things sorted out food ( even wine ) is not in my thinking. I do drink tons of water though. I think going forward we are back to normal.

  10. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, because you are so good with details, you’ve probably covered this base. In the past, you have had coach insurance which (I thought) usually covers specialized towing for your type of RV. Eighty miles is a pretty fair distance; less stress if it is towed and you could follow along with the Jeep. I have no idea what the cost would be out-of-pocket. We had to have our 2010 F-250 Ford Diesel towed August 2021 because the brake calipers stuck, would not release, and started smoking while towing my loaded 6,000 lb. camping trailer. I certainly can understand the stress. But my insurance did pay for the towing and just had to find a place to park the trailer, so there were two tows.

    • contessa says:

      Good idea Dee but Good Sam requires us to not be able to move at all. Hoping that we won’t need to call them on Sunday nor the other tow companies we have lined up.

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