Nov 19, 2021

Quick update

We got one of three generators that we ordered and got refunds on the other two.  Details to follow. We had two RV techs here ( to work on the steps ) until 9:30PM last night – ouch at $2200.00 USD. The Roadmaster part came in and Colin installed it himself, not wanting to pay someone $150.00 per hour.  He has a few owies and blood boosters but the part is in. We paid $310.50 to be to be too that there was nothing wrong with our jacks. Well we will soon find our if that is true or not.

We have spent between 5 – 8 japers per day just being on hold.  One night it was to our Visa company and they put me thru to the bilingual end of the fraud department. I spent over an hour practicing my swearing in French and perfecting my accent.  Colin found I entertaining  but after 90 minutes they cut me off. Dang, I would have loved to express myself.

Four loads of laundry cost $18.00USD yesterday.

Very special people sent me more photos of our palapa as they were confused.  They thought that it had been repaired according to what I had posted but the palapa roof looked just like the before photo. I had the manager check it out and sure enough the roof top still had loose plastic flapping about 🙁

It has not been very warm here in Vegas. Right now it is 52F. Mornings are cloudy and cool, the sun comes out for a few hours after 1PM. Strange to have it be pitch black by 5PM.  Even stranger not being able to visit a casino.

I thank you ever so much for your comments ( I tried to reply to you directly ), personal emails and supporting thoughts. So many of you suggested that we stay here for longer. Sadly the park  is full full full so no extra time to stay. Big thanks you to those who offered us to come to their place or to have anything we needed shipped to them. Vey generous and giving.

It seems that the majority of our time here has been doing online research and emailing or being on hold and of course shopping. Being on hold for 5 – 8 hours per day is tiring. I would have loved to spend an afternoon sitting outside in the sun. Fortunately the girls are loving it. We feel bad ignoring them but one of us is always near by. My only complaint is their loud barking. People are surprised at the sound that comes out of them. We are working on it but the past two days have been chaotic.

The good news is that the daily cases in Mexico  have decreased to 15 per day. Much better than what is happening at home. So we will feel safe there but will wear our masks when off our site and of course grocery shopping.

Currently gas prices are $4.09 per gallon at Walmart.

No time to download and edit photos, next time – maybe. I am trying to keep you up to date as best I can. We are so looking forward to arriving on the Isla.  Once we have a dog fence built we will be introducing the girls to the beach, that will be so much fun.  We have decided ( but who knows what will really happen ) to not do our big set up for a few days but to just sit and take it all in and relax and rest.

So does anyone know where I put our napkins, we are out and I have no idea where I put them. Oh well, we do have paper towels.

We are leaving in the morning. The travel is the most relaxing part of it all at this point. I have only one major thing to do and that is to read Carols blogs about the roads, pot holes, hidden topes and everything else she and Bill discovered as they travelled to Mazatlan. I am too tired to do it now but for certain tomorrow evening.

Sorry for the lack of photos but I took more time just writing this quick update than I had time for.  Off to bed pronto. Sorry I am not proofing this tonight.

Thanks for sticking with me, things can only get better. I am not writing about the current situation in BC as it makes me too sad. There is nothing I can do but pray that everything will be resolved but that may take months and months. We are a strong province but this is such a low blow after all the fires over the summer and extreme heat and now the extreme rains, floods and mudslides. Mother Nature must have her reason for what she is sending our way.





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8 Responses to “Quick update”

  1. Lucy says:

    Contessa: Heyyy, te dije, las cosas mejorarían, hay que darle tiempo al tiempo ! Me alegra saber que han habido progresos en tu viaje, GREAT !! From now on mile after mile U 4 amigos will complete 1600 miles & reach the isle. My regards: Lucy.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    I’m so glad the generators worked out! Safe travels to the Isla and try to follow through with your plan to relax for a bit before getting all your stuff from storage.

  3. Cindy Mensies says:

    Yahoo finally a generator delivered! Safe travels to Mazatlan! ??

  4. Pauline Watson says:

    Don’t apologize for not having photos 🙂 I can not believe the trials you’ve been through so far, unbelievable!
    It’s amazing the sound that comes out of such a small dog! 🙂 We’ve had people on walks be like, whoa that’s coming out of that!!
    I’m 100% on board with you just relaxing when you get there! You deserve a reward…. chilled glass of wine on the beach 🙂 Do you have one chilling and which one will be your first glass?

  5. Deb says:

    Often times things look less overwhelming after some rest. Perhaps a nice spot in the desert for a few days may be in order for some rest before tackling the drive into Mexico. Some kick back, feet up, wine glass in hand watching the sunset may do more to help with the stress levels than hurrying onward to arrive there with such a high stress load already riding along. Just a thought. Continued safe travels.

    • Lucy says:

      Exactly, it happens to many of us when we’re overwhelmed have the tendency to feel in a deep rut where ‘ there is no way out ‘…almost everything in life is dynamic & is in constant state of change, giving ourselves time will help our anguish / frustrations & give time for the situation to change. ( Wu Wei Wisdom, Book of Changes, volume one ). Is such a wonderful reading for us westerners.

      My regards: Lucy.

  6. Jim and Barb says:

    Glad to hear you are getting the generator fiasco taken care of! I bet it will be good to be back on the road and making your way south. Hopefully it is smooth sailing going forward!

  7. Roger and Susie LaRose says:

    Glad you got generator! Safe travels on the road to the Isla.. Beach and vino will be waiting for you to relax.. Enjoy !

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