Nov 15, 2021

Very quick update

Certainly not a normal day. This is going to be a brief post.  Our day did not go as planned.

But it started off with some relaxation for the girls. One in each corner of the dash. The RV is in an upheaval as we are waiting for a mobile tech so nothing is put away properly.

The first mobile company finally showed up almost three hours late. They drove up in a brand new Kia sedan and claimed that the company truck was in the shop. They held a few tools in their hands. Colin and I both knew that this would be a no go, Colin was very gentle about turning them away. So back to calling for some mobile tech help.

The girls are always number one and got set up outside. They are enjoying their new long dog water dish from Auntie Karen. Thank you again.

Sadly many of the mobile companies have a recording on their phone saying that they are booked for the week or until sometime in December. Happy Hals  is booked solid. We called many but only the one returned our call. They were not free until next week, we are leaving Saturday.  After some pleading and grovelling on our part we had a tech show up within an hour. Prices are high, $150.00 for coming out and then another $150.00 per hour. So we spent $310,50 for someone to tell us that our jacks are just fine, the $10.50 was the extra charge to put the $300.00 on a credit card 😯 He did suggest a different way of using our jacks than we have been.

However there is something wrong with our steps so while he was here we had him check it out.  Looks like we need a new gear assembly, maybe $500.00 if they can get parts in.

A piece fell off our Roadmaster tow assembly.  Took us a  few hours this morning  ( there are no parts here in Las Vegas ) and we now have the part coming on priority mail. Of course we will need an RV tech to install it. Kaching, kaching 😥 Oh and a string broke on one of our blinds. Masking tape works well thus far. Who repairs RV blinds?

This is all that I had ordered from Amazon to pick up here.

It felt like Christmas opening up the boxes. Most of the things are as advertised but I may have to send a few back. But I don’t have a printer to print out labels! The girls just watched all the opening of boxes and packages, very intrigued but not interfering – except for Ciela tackling one of the new squeak balls.

Oh and then there is the generator issue.  No one seems to know where it is 🙁 We have been in touch with the shipper but he really had no idea what to do. Maybe tomorrow they will have some information 😯

On the plus side we drove to Target and then to Kohls to get new bath towels for the RV. Ours have been here for a very long time and have started to fray. It was time for them to go the the rag bag. We now have four sets of fluffy and soft towels. Two for the RV and two at the lavenderia.

It also appears that we going to be able to keep to our original schedule of traveling to Mexico. Lucy, at the moment I do not have the answer to your question about the number of miles from here.  Too busy to look it up.

“D”, about that Freightliner company you suggested here in Las Vegas. We have dealt with them, about four years ago, about a small fan issue. We were parked there for three days while they tried to source a part. Finally on the third day I insisted that they give us the original part and we drove to an Auto Zone and were back to Freightliner within 30 minutes with the exact same fan – cost $20.00. They could only find parts from their official sources. It was a twenty minute install but we ended up paying for three days of hanging around for nothing. No way will we ever deal with them again. I had no idea that this is who you had recommend until I suggested them to Colin this morning.

Kathy we also love that part of the drive, just not so much the straight part past Hiko. Thanks for theupdafte of the Mexican roads. Ken you touched my heart with your words, love you always.

Meanwhile we are feeling so very bad for all those in our province of BC dealing with flooding, mudslides and avalanches and now high winds in our home town. It has not been a good day all round.


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7 Responses to “Very quick update”

  1. Jackie Hawkins says:

    I often return items to Amazon. I take them to the nearest Kohls and they process them free of charge.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Woah, that is a lot of packages! Hope you get all your issues worked on and you get on your way without anymore problems.

  3. Lucy says:

    Contessa: Hi, what a day U guys have had, but it will improve… hang in there; the soothing sounds of the Pacific waves & the sand are getting closer & waiting for U guys &’ the girls’. Figured out u’r approx. 600 miles from your target spot. My regards, Lucy.

  4. Jamie Feinberg says:

    Hope you get some resolution soon, how frustrating! We print things at Staples or similar on the go.

  5. sue says:

    Sorry you’re having so many troubles, all at once! Tis life owning a home I guess, a sticks and bricks home or one with wheels! We bought a little kit to fix the strings on our MH shades and Dave found it quite easy to do. I ordered it online, as I remember.

    Safe travels on the rest of your journey!

  6. Kay says:

    Contessa – I know this might be out of the way – but I have a great mobile RV company that I have been using since 2018 here in Mesa AZ. email me if you are interested in Jaun’s number.

  7. Emjay says:

    To return items from Amazon, go to My Orders on the Amazon site. Find the items listed you want to return. (Check the box for your items items). Follow the directions. Amazon will then issue a QR code fir you to snap picture. Then take your phone with QR code picture and your unwrapped item you are returning to UPS OR to Whole Foods market (whichever site you selected when you were following the return instructions) and show that code plus the returnable item to the clerk. S/he will give you a receipt and by the time you return to your motor home, you will have an email from Amazon crediting you for the return.

    No rewrapping or printing a return label needed fir you to do. Some things have changed fir the better these days!!!

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