Nov 12, 2021

Well into the USA

No one at the border at all yesterday.


Yesterday was Remembrance Day and it was touching to drive along Main Street/ the highway and see American flags lining both sides of the road the entire length of the town of Tonasket, Washington.

We drove through Washington state, through Oregon and into Idaho today. We have driven 587 lies since we drove home. Many more miles to go. But I only have taken 29 photos during this time, many blurry.

This was our drive yesterday, 276 miles.

It rained all night last night but the girls were troopers and did their business outside. They also slept in their own crate. We had quite the delay leaving this morning. Part of our problem setting up last night was due to the front right jack which was not taking any weight. This morning Colin was emailing our RV tech, Erik, in Mazatlan about it.  It could be a number of things with the worst requiring a six week wait for a new jack.  So at this point we have an appointment Monday the 22nd in Quartzsite to check it all out. Does anyone have a good RV tech or company that they use in Las Vegas? We have never had luck getting things repaired in Vegas. The person we spoke to today in Vegas said that the first he could see us would be December 3rd.

I put their new sweaters on yesterday morning so that they would be warm with the front door left open as we went back and forth with the final bits. They were warm but tended to walk out of the sweaters. They wore them for a few hours today but prefer having 4 -7 blankets piled over them.

Carlie laying between the electric heater and our propane Mr. Buddy heater. Thank you George for helping us figure out that this is what we needed. We think of you everyday.

So we left an hour late and while we were driving I called ATT and after five attempts to get a human I was successful.  Long story short, the store in Omak gave me $5.00 coupon to use as a credit. However it only registers as a $30.00 purchase instead of $35.00 and so the computer decided that I owed ATT $5.00 before I could get any data.  All fixed now.

We stopped just before crossing into Oregon at Metro Diesel where we have stopped annually to get some inexpensive diesel fuel. We paid $3.79 per gallon and would have saved .10cents had we used cash. I decided that this trip we would just use the credit card. While there Colin checked and discovered that our propane tank was under 50%.  We had been using the propane to keep the RV warm so with two cold nights ahead of us it was a good decision to fill the tank. However there was only one worker running the business and it took forever for him to get the propane filled.  We had to wait until he was free to leave the till. After 20 minutes Colin said let’s just go. I said we have waited this long, let’s wait a bit more and within 5 minutes we were being filled.

The girls always whimper when he is outside and keep pawing at the window to try and get to him. Can you see Carlie on the left with her paw on the  window up near the mirror, Ciela is laying on her side using both front paws to get thru the window. However 55 minutes to get diesel and propane was much too long of a wait.  Wow 9.9 gallons of propane for $37.63!  Isn’t that expensive?

A dreary driving day but by afternoon the rain had stopped. I think that might be the end of it.

What was this guy thinking?

Later we saw a Tesla in the right lane driving ever so slowly with his blinkers on. Looks like he ran out of battery. He really should have pulled over, stopped and called for road side assistance.

I saw this on FB just before we left, so apropos.

Speaking of electricity, just as we entered Pendleton there was this large, very very huge set up of solar panels, good for the city.

Colin would like me to mention that he did the Pendleton Pass at 80 km/h ( 50 mph ) in 4th gear at 2000 RPM. There was no one in front of us in either of the three lanes.  He is so proud of his motorhome towing a 4500 lb. Jeep.

Missed the Oregon sign, I always do as it is behind a wide bridge column. This is out of focus but we are here.

We are staying at a lovely wee RV park near Caldwell, ID. Country Corners RV park only charges $44.00 per night and we are grateful for the electricity. It is just a few minutes off exit 17 and I-84. Busy night here, at least 7 RV’s perhaps a few more came in after us.  Cool at 46F but no rain, bonus!

We drove 311 miles today.

Thanks for all of your comments, so nice to get them.  Don’t have time to reply to them all but just a few thoughts. We love our BC wine and to pay an extra. 21 cents per bottle is not a hardship. Frankly I am getting tired of the same reasonable priced wines year after year. Will still be picking more wine before we cross into Mexico. All the more reason to stock up so that we can avoid extra grocery store visits this coming winter. As an aside, the only person we have seen wearing a mask has been the border agent yesterday. Katie, don’t worry about your girls, they  are loving traveling. Their only fault is that they have become loud barkers. And as for waiting until we get to warmer climates to post updates, no way, once we get warmer we will be out enjoying the sun and the heat. Besides I use these blogs as notes for the future 😎




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6 Responses to “Well into the USA”

  1. SandyM says:

    OMGoodness, pretty in pink! How cute. Each day you are a bit closer to where you want to be – good catch up post; thanks for sharing. Continued safe travel days; you have a great driver on board.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Good to hear you made it across the border! Safe travels you have a lot of miles ahead of you!

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Everywhere we have stopped, grocery stores, restaurants, all are wearing masks. To eat inside in a restaurant in California you also require a vaccine passport. I think .21 a bottle is cheap to be able to take down good BC wines! I’m thinking your next stop is Las Vegas, we are just south of there and it is 22C at 6:45 a.m. so you will so be in warm weather. Safe travels today.

  4. Lucy says:

    Hola ! If you come down South through California beware, temperatures at this moment are somewhere between 70’s – high 80’s. Ya falta menos, pronto esta.ran a orillas del Ocean y rodeados de arena YAYYYYYY. 🙂 My regards: Lucy.

  5. Croft says:

    From now on, every day will be warmer than the last. One of the things we always looked forward to when heading south this time of year! Have fun and be careful!

  6. Vernon Hauser says:

    Say, honk when you drive through Boise . Sunday and Monday will be nice weather so that should get you south by a lot. Looking forward to your blog this winter . Long timer reader . Vern in Boise Id

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