Nov 10, 2021

Our last full day at home

Tomorrow we head south and are eager to get on the road. It seems to have taken a long time to get packed and organized. Maybe we became lazy by not going to Mexico the fall of 2020.  We did not have a choice then but we do now.  Canada is allowing non essential travel and the US had opened its borders to us northerners.

We also got the furnace thermostat changed as the one we had installed in this home back in 2012 is way too complicated. This one may be above my pay grade as well.  The good thing is that it is easier for the person looking after our home to deal with.

The past week has  gone by very quickly.  I made the odd note here and there for when I did the next post but I can’t quite make out all of my notes 🙁 I got my final massage on Monday as well as my left leg veins.  Only about 34 needles this time. I did another grocery shop after that.  Meanwhile everyday we go back and forth to the RV. By the end of the day everything is put away.

Last week at Costco. That same week I did fill two baskets at Superstore.

It has been very cold out again.  The girls are not getting as many walks as they should. The weather forecasters say that we will be waking up to 2 cm/.787 of an inch tomorrow! We are not too concerned at this point. However we do have winter gear on board for the first three nights and the last three nights on our return here. The girls got their last tub bath until April. They have no idea what is in their future.

My car and the golf cart have been put to bed for the winter in our RV storage area.

There have been several time taking issues such as the generator no longer being available on Monday when Colin went to order it. The problem is that one can only order it  and have it delivered within 7 days hence the reason we waited. So of course we were beyond shocked that it was now out of stock. Between us it took 3 -5 hours of online research and phone calls to find another. Then there was an issue if it would even be delivered in time. Somehow I found the phone number and Colin was able to talk to the shipper, etc. We should be good to receive it next Monday 😀

I must have taken this photo but don’t recall. Colin having fun brushing the girls teeth.

When I went to sort out Colin’s Telus phone they were giving me grief over being able to use it for texting and phone calls while roaming in the US.  They did not like that I was shutting down his data. I have shut my iPhone down until April with Virgin. Sadly I will have to pay $20.00 per month ( last week when I asked it was only $15.00 per month but everything is going up! Once we get into Mexico I change my Virgin  SIM card to my Telcel SIM. So if you are wanting to text or message me please just email me. Emails are checked a few times per day, that is always the best way to be in contact with us.

These are a quarter of the geese on the lake Sunday afternoon. We hadn’t seen geese for a long while and suddenly so many showed up. I figured they were gathering to cross into the US once the border opened at midnight:)

The girls are mostly doing well with all the back and forth. They became unsettled today when their crate was moved to the RV and all their blankets. They will sleep with us tonight. We did take them to the RV later in the day and first thing they did was locate their bed. I think it has been difficult on them, all this to and fro, etc. Today we we drove to Vernon to see our chiropractor.  The girls loved being in the car and fell asleep right away. Hoping that all will go well with them tomorrow. So much planning for their food as on January 4th when they are a year old they need to change to adult kibble. So now we have both puppy and adult in the RV. We would not be able to get this kibble in Mexico.

Their final walk yesterday.

I wasn’t sure that I would make it to Thursday morning. Yesterday I was working on Christmas cards until midnight. All the to do’s seemed overwhelming.  So here we are the night before departure morning feeling organized and relaxed. We will be up very early as we need to do the final transfer to the RV including our pillows. We have a plumber scheduled for 8:30AM tomorrow to blow out all the lines so we have no damage over the winter. There are still a few more items to cross off the list in the morning.

My cacti are blooming, so happy to see this before we leave.

Best get this post completed so I can get to bed.

In breaking news, our palapa has been repaired ( we will likely have to have some detailed work added ) and the cement posts have been repainted ( I asked for a pinky burgundy colour as per what we already had) and got orange ( maybe it won’t be so bad in person ).  But I was expecting orange as we are not there to make the choice as that is a favourite Mexican colour. Also take note of the newly painted ‘bright’ yellow patio. It all looks so very clean and we are excited to arrive. Worth every peso that we were quoted to get our Isla home back in shape.

It looks like we are leaving at a good time. Thus far the roads ahead for the next three days look good with little to no precipitation. Remember fingers crossed as to no snow tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting day. So wonderful to be able to go somewhere – other than within Canada 😎



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6 Responses to “Our last full day at home”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    The twins will need the jingle bells on the RV door to let you know when they want out!

  2. SandyM says:

    Wow, wow, wow, you and Colin have been super busy especially this last week. Traveling mercies all the way to Mazatlan and hopefully you can rest your foot on the trip. I like the color of the poles; it goes well with the bright yellow floor. Great colors.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Safe travels today. So glad the generator worked out and the palapa repairs look great 🙂

  4. Don McKelvay says:

    Fantastic – we are all looking forward to a safe and interesting trip south with you.

  5. Michelle says:

    Hi Contessa,
    Wishing all of you safe travels. I’m sure the girls will have a blast! One day when I retire I too want to enjoy life, my idea of fun is sand beneath my toes, reading a book and drinking a Pina Colada:)

    You seem well prepared and that is what we should all do!
    Best wishes for a wonderful winter!

  6. All the crazies will soon be behind you. Best wishes for a smooth trip and a warm relaxing winter enjoying the breezes!

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