Nov 07, 2021

The girls want to share their day with you

This is how their day began. It was cold but the sun was shinning and they just vegged in the heat. They did get a walk.

Meanwhile Colin was going back and forth doing this and that. I did six loads of laundry of which three were for the twins. They have now have dozens of freshly washed blankets. I will admit that I am going oh my, only 4 sleeps.  I do have four appointments within those three full days as well as more packing.

This is what happened at dinner tonight.

As for Momma she is off for a soak in a hot bath and dinner is in the oven. Our final Greek salad with our own tomatoes 😎  Oh yes, Colin did peel and blanch all his parsnips a few days ago, and now they are in the freezer awaiting our return in the spring. Life is good, just not quite as relaxed as we would like but that will soon change. Safe travels to all those rushing to the border tomorrow.

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  1. Pauline Watson says:

    Opal and Sequoia felt the same way about the time change. It’s funny their internal clocks when food is involved 🙂

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