Nov 01, 2021

Winter is not far away

Miserable weather.

Is that a stretch during a nap or ??

November 1st. It feels like it came out of nowhere. Last night was our 3rd or 4th freezing night in a row. There is a 60% chance of flurries tonight but it won’t last.

The kids love to be covered up.

Looks like that snow is up there for good.

This is what I call Carlie doing a sucky. She sucks a bit of the blanket and pumps her front paws up and down.  She does it each and every time I pick her up for a snuggle. The blanket ends up sopping wet but she does  totally relax.

Meanwhile my black velvet slipper with gold bow and toe has been ravished by Ciela. They were perfect for Christmas home visits. Fortunately I don’t need these on the Isla.

In two days this tree has become mostly bare.

Meanwhile the chocolates are enjoying running all over the leaves and eating them.

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2 Responses to “Winter is not far away”

  1. SandyM says:

    Hope Winter weather will stay away until you are many miles South. Dose the photo of the girls running through the leaves show they are very long in the body? Their coats really shine and look so healthy.

  2. Pauline Watson says:

    I like all the pictures you posted 😉 the fall colours and of course the girls doing what they do best!

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