Oct 25, 2021

Que pasa!

So very true.

Lucky me, I got a phone call last week about a vein appointment. Perfect, as I had November 8th and 15th booked. So I took today, October 25th for my right leg and will do the left on the 8th. That way I get both done before we head south. It wasn’t a walk in the park, over 55 needles  ( or much more ) with about 42 bandages  taken off at the three hour mark by me. Colin always comes and holds my hand ( I dig my nails into his hands a lot )!  It looks like I will be on my own on the 8th 🙁

Colin did the final garden harvest and clean up. These carrots are so sweet. We hope to eat them before we leave.

We weren’t home long before the phone rang to say that the mobile RV tech would be here shortly. He did have both parts for the electrical water heater. However we have no electricity in the storage area, so do not know if it works.

The parsnips were a huge surprise. We had so many tiny ones so when Colin cleared the two beds these showed up.

Our sweet girls have been acting out a lot, especially today. They were good for about 50 minutes after we left ( video cam ) and then when I checked about 40 minutes later they were howling 8-O. Then the barking went off and on till we got home. Once home Colin had things to do with the RV tech and the another errand to run. The girls kept me hopping. In and out, they are so enjoying eating the falling leaves from our trees.  It can’t be good for them.

We have been trying since MAY to get this part of our siding repaired. Today they told me by email that perhaps they MIGHT be able to look at it next year. It needs attention now because of the wind and rain off the lake.

The company who built our add a room appears to be so very busy that they can’t service their clients.

So today our electrician stopped by and we asked about our siding problem.

Within ten minutes it was repaired. We already had the materials on hand.

In addition to being an electrician  he also has worked on many types of building construction. We have already have recommended him to others for a few other projects.  He is young and eager and very smart.


At one point today Ciela curled up in front of my desk heater with a tiny stuffed toy. Neither of the girls are into toys but she has started to move this one around the past few days.  So very sweet. It is a very small teddy bear.

Meanwhile this is what I am thinking about.



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6 Responses to “Que pasa!”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Ouch! 55 needles cannot be pleasant! I bet it was nice to have your siding repaired before you leave.

    • contessa says:

      Not pleasant. Have to keep the stocking on from the day of the shots ( 11 AM ) until about 8pm the next day. We were so lucky to get the siding sorted out.

  2. Deb says:

    It’s amazing how difficult it is to get people to come to work on anything that isn’t a new build.
    Good luck with the appointments. Perhaps thinking of walking on the beach or sipping wine watching the sunsets from your beautiful spot in Mexico will help almost as much as Colin holding your hand.

    • contessa says:

      There is so much work to do here that they prefer the new stuff rather than repairs. So looking forward to the sunsets and the wine part. Not too sure about the hand holding as we will be chasing the twins down the beach. We do have two long leashes that they can drag which will make it easier to catch them.

  3. Pauline Watson says:

    Wishing you all the best with the next treatment. What a blessing to have them done before you go. Also that the house is safe and sound for the winter.
    I don’t think it’ll hurt the girls to eat the leaves, Opal used to do it and Sequoia does now too. They’ll just poop it out 😉

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