Oct 07, 2021

The latest in our lives…..

Isn’t it interesting how life gets in the way of enjoying life 🙄  Maybe its just me.

Such long dogs, this is Ciela. Her rear is higher up over my legs under the white blanket then her head is.

I had ordered some fall and winter coats for the twins and they are all lovely. However a few things are going back – love doing business with Amazon. I should have remeasured them before I ordered. They have grown so much, their neck girth went from 9″ to 13″. Carlie chest girth went from 14″ to 15″ and we were shocked that Ciela went from 13.5″ to 15.5″.  No wonder they need new harnesses.

Lots of things getting crossed off the to do list. Colin setting up his new inversion table. I told him that he had to do it before the return date had passed. Somehow I never got a shot of the finished product. It looks pretty neat and it is a keeper. Photos another day. Can you spot his helper?

Actually if you click here you will see it. It was about $200.00 before tax.  I was surprised to see that it is no longer available. So very many things are no longer available including a new portable dual fuel generator that we were going to buy. We ordered it mid August. There is definitely going to be a larger shortage of goods this winter than we anticipated.

I always love finding a surprise photo in my camera. I am enjoying a late lunch of camembert with a lovely glass of white. My book has been pushed to the side while I use the laptop to catch up on my emails – only 106 behind to date. Ciela is on the left and Carlie at my feet. They both want to be sitting on my lap. They are starting to listen to a firm no, but of course they always get extra special snugs after dinner ( and often thru the day ) so don’t think they are hard done by. I love having my afternoon hour to my myself and it does not happen often.

We rented an empty lot to put the RV in to get the carpets and upholstered furniture cleaned. They were last done in the spring of 2019 and were due March of 2020 but Covid intervened. Two years wait was one year too long. It all was done yesterday morning but today everything is still damp. The owner allowed us to stay another day. Hope it is all dry tomorrow as we need to close the slides and put it back into storage.

Looks like fall around here.

I guess I should have picked up a larger wreath last month but I had to stay within my budget. Colin surprised me with the display.

Because of my left ankle and foot I am not moving about too much so he surprised my by putting it up. Actually yesterday was the first day that I could get a sandal on. I have called a few more physio places and they are all only available the end of next week. So I keep it elevated and iced as much as possible. I also have been using my cane which helps balance me. There is the some progress in the inflammation as I could actually see a vein on the top of my foot yesterday. Yes the pain is still there with each step but is is no longer throbbing even if I don’t move it – just when I walk. So poco a poco.

The night before we left for Edmonton, on the 22nd of September, I spotted a dog crate on FB marketplace. It was directly across the main road from us. Colin went and checked it out first thing in the morning and purchased it. Finally Colin has had time to clean it thoroughly as it belonged to cats. We are airing it out as well. It is slightly larger ( 30 x 19 x 22 ) than what the girls now have so will give them more room to stretch out and it is a nice piece of furniture made by, Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer. It originally was $168.00 and we paid $50.00.

Our garden continues to give us tomatoes and cucumbers ( best ever toasted sandwich for lunch yesterday ), carrots, parsnips ( for Colin ), beets and beans. There was just a light dusting of the white stuff on the tops of the peaks this morning. Tonight is going to be clear and a very cool 32F/0C. Brrr 🙁

So very true, I am a bottom line person. I am who I am.


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  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Zoey’s girth keeps growing as well, hopefully it stops soon as we are going broke buying her new harnesses!

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