Oct 03, 2021

The story of my very sore foot

No photos today, just a big rant.

You have likely read about my rolling/twisting my ankle on September the 18th. I tripped on a hard dog bone laying under a dog blanket. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was stepping. It hurt then but did not bruise, I used ice and did the best I could to keep doing the right things.  By the time we got to Edmonton it felt a tiny bit better.  I saw my chiropractor on the 24th and after he did my general adjustment he looked at my foot and said that a certain ligament was affected. He did a minor adjustment with the activator.  I felt good. I did one loop of the small dog park on Saturday when the triplets visited but mostly sat. By Sunday my foot was becoming increasingly painful.

So I spent my day off on Monday either online looking for a walk in clinic or waiting to see a doctor at one.  Then I finally got my foot x-rayed. I was told that the results would be in within 24 hours. However the x-ray tech said more like 48 hours. I was hoping for the 24 hours so the chiropractor could see it. That did not happen.

We came home and my foot remains as swollen as day one and the pain is there 90% of the time.  I can be sitting with my foot up doing nothing and it throbs. So I was desperate to get the x- ray results. We left Valemount early Thursday morning delaying our departure to talk to the Edmonton MD who had seen me. The staff refused to give me the x-ray results and insisted I had to come back to Edmonton to see the doctor. Well we were halfway home and close to 300 miles away so that was not going to happen. I insisted on talking to the doctor. She never called so we started driving and she finally called just as we were getting out of cell phone range. I heard nothing and she did not leave a message. When we finally got close to home I started the phone calls back and forth again. I asked if they could send the report to my family doctor here in Kelowna.  Yes, but they needed a request. That request was faxed three times before the X-rays result was sent. Over 25 phones were made to get the result. I actually did not get the result until 2:40PM this past Friday. My doctor had the day off and a locum MD called with the result. Nothing was broken, other than some arthritis here and there I was fine.

I was not fine, I can’t walk. Every step is painful. The locum suggested rest, ice, elevation, etc which I had been doing for 13 days. The situation was getting worse. He said that I might want to go see a physiotherapist. So I called and the earliest that I can into see someone here in Lake Country is October 15th 😯 Seriously! I am on the waiting list. I really am not sure that I can drive to Vernon or Kelowna as the pain is very distracting.  So I will see if I can find someone  to see in the week ahead and I guess take pain meds to drive.

The week ahead is going to be crazy because of many many things happening including  possibly Colin’s third job in the last eleven months. Covid has hit us hard in terms of employment. We have rented a site to put the RV on for 24 hours and have two different people to come do some work on it. Plus hopefully our carpenter will show up. I can normally handle all of this easily but the pain has made me grumpy and brain dead. Those are only half of the que pasas in the week ahead.

So if you have read my rant this far, thank you. Sorry I have no photos for you tonight.  I do have a statistic. Between the cost of the RV diesel fuel to Edmonton and back, $766.45 and the RV park costs, $369.50, it only cost us $142.00 per night. Still much cheaper than flying and staying in a hotel.

I have been told that I have a high pain threshold but I think I have reached my limit. I really can’t take this much more and don’t know what to do. Today is day 16. I even tried a tensor bandage for most of the day, even though that is to be stopped 48 hours after the injury. I promise that my next post will be more upbeat.

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12 Responses to “The story of my very sore foot”

  1. No good, sounds like a nightmare to me! Hope you get some answers and relief soon!

  2. Pauline Watson says:

    How frustrating! Hopefully there’ll be a cancelation and you can get an earlier appointment. 🙂
    This is a good excuse to put your feet up and read a book and not feel guilty about not getting any work done 🙂
    Get Well!

  3. Kelly Florence says:

    My sister just went though something similar.
    Ankle swelling, xray fine.
    swelling went up the shin.
    No amount of I.C.E. helped.
    Doc sent her to orthopedic Dr. he knew immediately that it was Tendonitis.
    She wears a hard/soft boot and continues to work 4 hours /day.
    Doc said only time will heal it.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Kelly for taking the time at this difficult stage in your life to respond. Perhaps if I went to the ER I might see an orthopaedic doctor. Is it worth an 8 hour wait in this Covid hell to go into the ER? I will see how bad it gets. I do know that time will help.

  4. Karen berg says:

    Holy, this happened to me a few years back,X-rays showed no fractures,then a nice young doctor said I’m getting a bone specialist to have a look and low and behold hair line fractures on the top of my foot. I’m only telling you this so that possibly you should have it reread my friend ?

    • contessa says:

      I would love to have an orthopaedic physician re read my xray. Before Covid it was an 18 month wait to see one, I am sure it is much longer now.

  5. Don McKelvay says:

    Hope the rant made you feel better. We share in your pain and just pray you will get some relief soon. Keep pushing the medical people to get you ‘back on your feet’. And keep smiling ? ?

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    That’s crazy! I sure hope it’s feeling better soon.

  7. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, for what it’s worth, I think you need an MRI; x-rays are not good enough when you have a little foot with tiny bones to see little hair line cracks. When your pain threshold is at the ceiling, just pick up the phone to Seattle to speak with an orthopedist; they will get the MRI to determine if anything is broken and needs to be reset; you will have a boot on for a while, but once off, you will be exercising the foot in a large box of beach sand. Because you will be getting medical treatment, you will be considered an essential traveler by US Customs, so no problems at the border, an e-mail sent to confirm to you at least the first appointment, and your medical records thus far. No problem with your vehicle coming, and you can find a nice RV park to call home until the treatment is complete. Don’t ask me how I know this; it sounds like a replay of what happened to me in the early 2000s.

    • contessa says:

      I can get an MRI here if I pay for it myself. Not so sure that it would be that easy to cross the border as it is not essential as I can get that test here in Canada. They would let me fly in but not drive in. I am going to wait until I see physio.

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