Oct 01, 2021

We did get home despite….

….wind, rain, a slow leak in an RV tire due to a broken valve stem ( done by Fountain Tire ), RV jacks that would not descend  ( fortunately we knew how to overpower the system – well this time ), a full power outage during the night at the RV park, much more wind, an issue with a windshield wiper blade and the fact that Carlie refused to pee from 8AM to 4PM ( despite two special stops ), we did get home about 3:30PM yesterday, Thursday the 30th.

It was a wet drive but the gold colours still stood out.

I managed a glimpse of the newly fallen snow. It would have been wonderful to see more but the clouds were very low.

Somewhere in this mess of blankets are the twins. It was on the coolish side.

Several hydro trucks here and further along restoring services to the Monte Creek area. Travelling south we saw much more fire damage.

We had to pull over not too far north of Vernon as one of the windshield wiper blades was loose and almost hitting the other.  Colin did a repair job but did not have the tools to do a permanent repair but thankfully it got us home. Carlie is laying on her side pawing the window trying to get out.

We pulled into Holiday Park to rain and wind strewing golden leaves everywhere. A lovely fall welcome home.

We worked solid for 3 1/2 hours once we got the RV parked. That also involves moving my car and the golf cart somewhere ( an empty spot at a neighbours ) and finding a place to park the Jeep. Unloading as well as loading take time and effort. Meanwhile the rain stopped and the sun came out. Lovely light reflections from the setting sun. Looks like the lake has risen. Colin took this photo for the blog as I am not too mobile.

By 8PM last night I was much too tired to work on this post. Fortunately I had made a fish chowder before we left so only had to unthaw that for dinner. The girls were so happy to be home, they just ran and ran around the yard and made sure to have a little tussle in every room of the house. It was a good 8 nights away, a nice break. And we got to see most everyone we wanted to. The 1,168 mile drive was interesting in both directions. The girls continue to be good travellers and we all enjoyed our time in the RV.

We were rushing home as a carpenter we had hired 15 months ago to prepare our home for the winter ( last winter ) with extra insulation, etc. finally agreed to come tomorrow October 2nd.  He called this afternoon to cancel, because he needed to drive to Vancouver to get a part for one of his tools that he uses. Covid strikes again – no parts. Shipping is up charged to $200.00. He cancelled a few weeks ago because he hurt his ankle and could not work. So that dictated the timing for this trip.  Had we known that he would cancel for this weekend we would have stayed longer or gone to visit the twins mom in Taber, Alberta and friends in Grand Forks. Dang 🙁

For those asking, yes my foot is still overly sore and throbbing. More on that in the next post.



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3 Responses to “We did get home despite….”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    The fall colors are beautiful on your lake!

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Stunning picture of the lake and fall colours! I sure hope your carpenter shows up soon and that your foot is feeling better soon.

  3. Pauline Watson says:

    That’s so sad you couldn’t visit longer, considering he had to cancel again.
    Don’t you some times wish you can have a holiday, just to “clean” up from a holiday 🙂

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