Sep 26, 2021

Keeping busy

First Friday morning my mind screamed ” I need a heated toilet seat”! It had got down to 34.7F during the night. But it did get up to 72F during the day which made up for that rude awakening.

Besides running the furnace, using an electric heater and our Mr. Buddy we sat in the sun waiting for it to warm up inside. We only have single pane windows in the RV.

Always watching where we are.

The first task of the day was to get to our chiropractic appointments. Unlike last July we did not get lost. We even were early and they took us in right away. Amazingly I held most of my adjustment from July but needed some tweaking. Dr. Mckenna also looked at my twisted ankle and found the ligament that I had damaged. He treated it with the activator and told me that I was good to walk on it.

As we were finished earlier we ( I ) spontaneously decided to make a quick stop at Costco to check out their liquor store which we do not have in BC. I was surprised to see that most of the wines were the same as we see in the US. I purchased a few in the hopes of finding something new.  There was one Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand the was okay but like the others I would not purchase them again, unless we were enroute to Mexico. It is nice to have a large variety there but I prefer my BC wines which I can’t take with me re the export expenses into the states. There is a new Costco being built in Kelowna but it will not have the liquor store due to provincial regulations. However they will be building the huge fuel station as we saw at the Costco here. It is literally a zoo 🙁  so many pumps with lines blocking the entrance to the actual store and in our case the exit. People cutting others off and the blaring of horns. I was very quick with my shopping and we were headed back to the RV. I am pretty sure it was my navigating that got us lost. The plan was to get back to feed the girls lunch by 2:30, it was much later than that. Despite a paper map, the Jeeps GPS and Google maps on my iPhone we headed south towards who knows where and ended up going about 25kms/15miles in the wrong direction.  It took us a long while to get back. The problem is that there is so much new construction and street signs that do not match any of the maps 😥

After feeding our starving girls we bathed them so that they were able to dry off while the sun was on the dash nicely heating up that area. They also got their toes done. We could not find the plug for the tub so we improvised.

Another lovely Alberta sunset which takes hours to finally set. Excuse the window reflection.

Saturday had us meeting the sister, Sequoia, along with her mom and gramma.

There is an off leash dog park attached to this RV park. In fact there are two, one for small pups and one for the larger dogs.

It took awhile for the triplets to get reacquainted but once they did, they were a firm pack.

The lovely Pauline with Sequoia. Aren’t they both beautiful?

Sequoia and her sister Ciela.

Nose to nose with Carlie. It is obvious that the three are comfortable together.

We took off our girls harnesses so they could be freer to run. And run they did for close to two hours. Some barking was involved as well.

Lots of action.

Where one went so did the other two. I had over one hundred photos to choose from for this post.

Back to the RV for just a few moments. Sequoia not too sure about the pen.

On the way back from the restrooms it was a surprise to see the three of them in the window. Sequoia sees her mom and wants out.

My final kiss with Sequoia. It was sad not being able to hug Pauline goodbye.

We had a relaxing afternoon as the girls were worn out and simply slept.  Colin was able to play his guitar and I once again was trying to catch up to some of the emails in my inbox. All the while we kept hearing dogs yipping. It was the RV parked next to us. The fellow beside had gone out about 10AM and still was not back 7 hours later. We finally called the office to complain. His dogs were irritating us and upsetting our girls. As it became dark out we could see inside and that he had left a light on but the dogs were in distress, standing on the table and howling.  As in all RV parks there is a rule to not leave your dogs unattended. The office staff called the owners of this park who gave them permission to call the gentleman. By this time they had been inside for at least ten hours. Also no window had been left open and it did get hot during the day. I was at the point of calling the police and/or the SPCA. Turns out that his wife is here for cancer treatment. I feel very sorry for him but the dogs were extremely agitated. He did get back close to an hour later and he was very angry and swearing at us, we could hear him through our closed windows. Again I felt badly as to what had happened to him and his wife but still no excuse to leave his pets like that for 11 hours. I mentioned to the office staff that they could possibly suggest that he get a pet sitter or put his dogs in a kennel while he was away for such long hours. What else could we have done?







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8 Responses to “Keeping busy”

  1. Pauline Watson says:

    What a wonderful time I had! So much fun for the girls!
    When can we do it again? 🙂 Although the other dog walkers using the park probably don’t want the “watchdogs’ back on duty; so much barking from the puppies….mostly Sequoia 🙂

  2. Linda Sand says:

    I recently bought toilet seat covers form Amazon. Love them!

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    I’m glad the girls got to catch up with Sequoia.

    That’s is a sad story about the fellow beside you, both sad about his wife but also sad about the poor dogs left alone for eleven hours 🙁

  4. Jim and Barb says:

    Sure looks like the girls had a good time!

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