Sep 22, 2021

The girls were so very excited to see us loading the RV

They followed us in and out as things moved into the RV. They love the RV and spent most of Tuesday sitting on the dash.

The day started with them sunning themselves. Because of my ankle Colin did all the back and forth.  Every now & then I would go into the RV to put things were the belonged.

Colin used the dog pens to build a secure area so that they could freely go from the house into the RV, up the ramp. At one point Ciela decided to take a nap on the RV step.

Eventually Carlie joined her. You can easily see the milk chocolate versus the dark chocolate.

We left about 10:45 this morning. It was off and on drizzle. Here we are driving through Monte Lake which was pretty much destroyed by fire earlier this summer. The rubble is being cleared away at this home.

Difficult to take photos looking to the side from the RV. A few burnt out vehicles here.

I was so sad seeing the destruction. All that was left of this home. We saw several like this.

Looks this homeowner is living in his RV as he starts to rebuild. You can see what is left of his home top left. It was difficult to drive through this sector of the highway.

Ciela for the first time slept on the dog bed ( which is on a footstool ) between us. Usually she sleeps on my lap. She just woke up and is rubbing her face with her paw.

Using her paw to cover her yawn 🙂 At one point this afternoon I could not stop yawning and realized that I can’t close my mouth properly. My upper and lower teeth on the right will not meet up and my jaw aches. I suspect that when I twisted my body last Saturday to avoid falling I really did a number on  my body as well as spraining my ankle.

We stopped at 2PM for a bathroom break and lunch for all of us.

Carlie is doing her ‘sucky’ thing with the green blanket between her teeth. At the same time she moves her paw in an up and down pumping motion. So very sweet, her own security blanket.

Our first view of the mountains.

We stopped in Valemount for the night. A 294 mile drive today. For some reason it seemed very long to me today. The girls did sleep 90% of the time.

Majestic snow capped mountains. It is forecast to get down to freezing tonight, brrr!

It was a 6.5 hour drive and should be about 5 hours but we did stop for a 35 minute lunch. Plus, because of the pipeline, there are dozens and dozens of construction zones which made us slow to 50 kph/ 31 mph.  The only purpose to the slow down is so that the pipeline workers can close this major busy highway so that their vehicles can cross the road.  They have so many flag people standing around doing nothing but smiling and waving at us. So much money being spent on this endeavour.

As we slowed at one point I noticed a semi pulled over and the driver doing jumping jacks.  I guess he was working on staying alert 🙁

Our only problem is that we can’t make the free internet here at the RV park work for us.  We are on Apple computers and iPhones and get the message that their password does not work. The system asks for a WAP2 password which I believe is a higher security level. The park only has the one password. Any suggestions?







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8 Responses to “The girls were so very excited to see us loading the RV”

  1. That last photo of your RV with the mountains in the backdrop is beautiful. The dogs have adjusted well to the travel and seem to like it. Hope your body heals quickly after your fall and you are being back to your normal. Enjoy your trip.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Marlene. I am amazed at how quickly they fell into the RV lifestyle. Tonight it is cold and they are leaning to sit in front of heaters to stay warm. It appears that my jaw may be out as I can’t get my teeth on the right side to join which means no chewing.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    That is great that the dogs have settled into the RV life, now if only you could go south!

    • contessa says:

      If only. Coming back is now becoming a concern what with sudden border closures, getting COVID tests etc. Two International borders may be an issue.

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    Looks like the girls love any sunny spot they can find!

  4. Linda Sand says:

    Check the password for capital letters and spaces. They can really mess things up.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Linda. We even tool the laptop into the office and they said they could not help us, that we should get the wifi on our iPhone and the would make the computer work. No go!

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