Sep 20, 2021

Que pasa

OMG, I got home this afternoon about 10 minutes before a horrific traffic accident. It happened about 3:40PM and now at 8:40PM the traffic is finally moving every so slowly. We were able to see it all from our home except for the actual crash site because of trees. We watched fire truck after fire truck arrive and even two more about 2 hours after the crash. Sadly only one ambulance left for the hospital. I am thankful that I was not involved nor impacted but I feel so badly for those in the actual wreck and the hundreds delayed getting home.

Today is our Federal election here in Canada.  A small thing but the hundreds – likely thousands so says Colin, how many of those were heading home to vote in their riding?

Between mail in ballots which we did and early voting, it will take a few days before a winner appears.

I finished a fabulous novel last week.  “Beneath A Scarlet Sky” by Mark Sullivan. The four page preface was enough for me to jump in and read it. It is based on a true story of an untold tale of World War II with a seventeen year old Italian as its hero. How could this story remain untold all these years? The author heard about the story back in 2016 and it took him ten years of research to write it. I highly recommend this book.

Why would Carlie prefer to lie on the rocks rather than the grass or the patio?

Things are changing almost daily in our lives. We planned a trip in the RV in about two weeks but late last Friday ( due to circumstances we could not control ) we discovered that we have to leave this coming Wednesday.  Actually this is the earliest we could be ready to travel.

We hope to see Sequoia, the third sister on this trip but it just might not happen. Guess what? Sequoia got the same new dog bed that we did for our girls – you know, the one that Colin likes to nap in. She looks so great in it, especially with that doxie blanket, I want one! Sequoia looks so much like Ciela, they could be identical twins.

So why did I sprain ankle/foot about 2PM Saturday?  Ouch!! First time I have ever done that. All because one of the girls left a chew bone under something that sent me scrambling. I did not fall but seriously twisted my left foot. But I did a number on my back in trying not to fall. So that is why I haven’t posted in a few days.

The girls have been trimming my flowers. They love to eat this kind of stuff.

Gus comes and goes and I thought he was gone but I saw him this morning. I will do an update on him soon.

A few weeks ago Colin did a Zoom type of meeting with his Mexican family from Culiacan. It was very special for him.

Oh and today was the day that we found out that the USA simply does not want us to even think about traveling there by land until at least the 21st of October and possibly longer. We can of course fly into the US but not drive 😡  So we remain in limbo as to heading to Mexico or spending a second winter here 😥

Interesting way to transport an awning support. It was moved by a ‘hummer’ style golf cart towing a trailer.

Thanks to Bella from the Winnipeg area for this blast from the past.  Taken on the Isla in December of 2010 ( 11 years ago ), our second winter in Mazatlan. I had never seen this photo before ( turns out I did ). We sure looked great back then.

I just found the reason for this photo, we were going to see the Nutcracker ballet in Mazatlan. Click here for that post from December 12th, 2010. Thank you for that special photo Bella.  By the way Ciela is called Ciela Bella and somedays we just call her Bella.  Love you Bella and Carl.

Gosh we should have done this when we built our fence last year. Only instead of tea I would be holding a glass of vino blanco.





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12 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    We had a friend break her foot when she stepped on a dog toy a year or so ago. Those things are deadly!

  2. Pauline Watson says:

    I really hope we can visit! 🙂
    Sequoia tore apart half of my Christmas cactus that I’ve had for 19 years. It’s looking a little lopsided.
    I also hope your ankle and back recover:-)

  3. That is a funny cartoon of the couple sunbathing 😉
    Carlie must love the warmth that emanates from the rocks although it must pinch her a bit laying on them. Colin must miss his guitar friends and I hope you get to Mexico this year.

    • contessa says:

      True, the doxies love to be warm no matter how it happens. So funny tonight, one is in front of the fireplace and the other is in front of the heater near my desk.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Well that is crappy about your ankle and back, sure hope you feel better soon. I don’t think it mattered how we voted in BC, the results were out before they had even counted our ballots 🙁 And great picture of the two of you!

    Safe travels to Edmonton.

  5. SandyM says:

    The photo you and Colin is lovely. I did go back and read the post of December 12, 2010. What a fun evening that must have been and what a treasure your blog is to help you remember the events you have enjoyed. I am still giggling over the last photo you posted. I feel sure the lady was enjoying every drop of tea or whatever she had in that cup!

    • contessa says:

      Yes I can see how you would enjoy that cartoon. It was so great to see that photo and thanks to the blog I was able to recall the wonderful evening we had.

  6. Bella says:

    Thanks for your news, and the pics of Ciela and Carlie; got a chuckle of her sleeping on the rocks.
    Have you decided to go to Mazatlán…
    Stay safe on your trip.
    Hugs, bella

    • contessa says:

      We can’t leave until the US border opens to us Canadians so we wait and wait. If it is too late we might not go re road conditions.

      Thank you so much for that photo and the memories.

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