Sep 15, 2021

A friend for Gus

I woke up last Thursday to see two geese out front. That was a nice surprise.

The two swam about for most of the day. Gus has a friend.

The next morning there were still two. So I named his friend Gracie. There are no other geese about at all, just Gus & Gracie. They appear to get on together very well. No bickering. Other than telling a duck to get off his preferred perch on the half submerged long so that he and Gracie could sit together.

She is somewhat smaller than Gus.

Saturday they enjoyed the sunset together. All is well in their world.

Meanwhile back in my world, the girls continue to do what they do best.

Carlie has eyes that have a way that reach deep inside me.

For newer readers, this is the only window into our bathroom.  Stained glass that lets light in during the day and is never so pretty when lit from the inside of the bathroom. I’m usually not looking at it from this angle later in the evening, I still love it as much as when we had it installed back in 2012.  This was designed to take in all the things that are special to us on the Isla plus the fact that we have herons from time to time here on our beach.

They really don’t like being apart.





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3 Responses to “A friend for Gus”

  1. Pauline Watson says:

    I was hoping that would happen for Gus. Now a period of “courting” before flying south for the winter.
    Do you think they’ll come back next year and nest on the lake?
    The stained glass window is so pretty!
    Oh! Them doxie’s eyes….yours, ours, the one in the comic. Love!
    The comics made me laugh this morning:-)

  2. I am sure Gus is happy to have someone to paddle around with and tell goose tales to before they head south!

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    I’m so happy Gracie showed up to keep Gus company 🙂

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