Sep 14, 2021


Our weather has changed. Rain showers in the forecast for the week ahead with cool winds. There is a possible chance of sunshine on Thursday.  Yesterday was clear and warm so it was the perfect day for Colin to go out in the canoe yet again. I suggested he go on his own. But no, he wanted to take the girls –  one at a time.

Ciela was the first to go while Carlie looked on.

Heading towards the far end of the park. She is sitting on his knees.

Thanks Dad, that was a great paddle.

Carlie was next in the canoe and she seemed very relaxed.

She made not a peep, nor made any attempt to jump, Carlie just enjoyed nature.

A very big slurpy thank you kiss. What a huge tongue Carlie has.

It is very difficult to fit these dogs with anything from harnesses to sweaters to coats to life jackets. They are long and have big chests. Once these two have completed their growth it will be easy to fit them with a life jacket. We just discovered that the winter coats we purchased in February aren’t able to cover their chests.  So now we have two new coats and two sets of harnesses that don’t fit as well as the onesies we bought for their surgery that we never used. I refuse to add it up other than to say that is was mucho pesos. This kind of thing does not do well on resale on FB Marketplace.

Taken from our garden a few nights ago. The first parsnips that we have ever grown.

I baked the parsnips along with the cod but they ended up overcooked. Six veggies from the garden, carrots, tomatoes, beet tops with butter, beets, green beans and the parsnips.  All six tasted so fresh and were delicious. Looks like I saved that cucumber for another dinner. Colin added rice to his plate but I was full just with this.

Just another adorable photo of our chocolates. They really have become outdoor dogs, so whatever are we going going to do this winter? At least in Mexico we can run them on the beach several times per day day. And there they can move from sun to shade as they desire.







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7 Responses to “Success”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Looks like taking them individually is the way to go!

  2. Pauline Watson says:

    The kissy thank you pics are adorable. The girls looked more comfortable.
    Roast your parsnips at 425 degrees, toss with a little olive oil, salt & pepper, check at 35 minutes; maybe earlier, depends on how big you slice them. And for a dipping sauce, mix a chipotle sauce and mayo together. Yum!

  3. Karen berg says:

    Poco a poco Excelente!! Seems solo is the way to go. Your beets look beautiful mine didn’t even sprout,very disappointed with my garden ?

    • contessa says:

      Sorry to hear that about your garden. But then we never got any zucchini and anybody can grow that – except us it seems. Perhaps the seeds you had were old.

  4. KarenW says:

    I wish the previous family had taken our dog in the canoe/boat when she was younger. My partner would love to have her as a companion on the water but she just doesn’t get it. She wants to jump out and swim. Oh, and she’s a Lab. so addicted to the water. sigh…..

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